The Artful Badger

Using DesignContest for our logo needs turned out to be a fast, easy, and economical solution. Best of all, the logo morabira designed for us was EXACTLY what we had in mind. Cheers!


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Winning design #21 by morabira , Logo Design for The Artful Badger Contest
Gold Medal

designed by morabira

Project description

The Artful Badger is an upscale retail shop specializing in "classic" shaving products, fine timepieces, and "lifestyle accessories for the modern gentleman". We require a logo consisting of a badger's head (perhaps adorned with a top hat and / or a monocle?). The design should be a simple black and white affair (i.e. high contrast) as it will appear on light colored backgrounds for our signage, website, letterhead, business cards, etc.

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  • I can easily remove the text and finish with a bow tie. Then provide both design files. I was going for a business card shape with a circular flow.

    Kudos to whoever chose the business name, very original distinctive and classy. Good luck designers! #41
  • NICE! This is the design to beat. Thank you so much! #21
    • @info77 I dig it!! Great logo design Morabira! I was going to attempt a design but yours is perfecto. well done.

  • About #21, @morabira my pleasure
  • Can we see a LARGE version? #20
  • We REALLY like this one, but we just want the graphic - no text. Would also like a different neck or perhaps no neck at all? #8
  • Thanks for the advice! How does this look? I deleted the whiskers and added a beard. But I could also delete that if you want. I also made him look more sincere. What do you think about that?
    Regards. #6
  • Hi! This is my logo design, hope you enjoy! Please check & rate to improve ;) Waiting your feedback! #4
    • @MarioLedieu I like the general "feel" of this one (the moustache is a nice touch!), but he doesn't really look like a badger...

    • @info77 Right! Working on it ;)

  • I know you have a font in mind but this one grabbed me. First draft and open to feedback. Thanks! #5
    • @edjackman Hey there! This would look AWESOME on promotional items (shirts, mugs, etc.)... Need something spread out more horizontally than vertically though for the store's sign, business cards, and other rectangular spaces (hence why I was thinking of JUST a badger graphic ( text) to go with whatever text I happen to be using...

  • The entries we have received so far all have text on them. While we will consider these submissions, all we really want is the graphic (i.e. the picture of the badger) as we already have a particular font in mind for text. Thanks!
  • Is this the right direction? #3
    • @Clurk Interesting... perhaps we should lose the whiskers and make him a little less menacing (he looks angry)... thanks!

  • Regarding the third image (dapper.jpg) in the "what we like" category, this chap is actually a little too cartoon-like, but we felt it was still worth including as an example. Having said that, please be aware that we do NOT want a cartoon / comic strip character.