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Thank you to all the designers on Initially I was worried but a few days in there were some great designs submitted. I'm very happy with my logo!

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Business type: Home based salon and esthetics studio Salon Name: The Beauty Room Slogan to be incorporated in the design: Eco friendly . Natural . Organic Ideas: whimsical, detailed, vintage, french provincial Target market - baby boomers (ages 50 - 65, so nothing too young looking) Colours: neutrals, blues, greys, soft blue green/turquoise I use eco friendly products. Good for our bodies and for the environment which is why I like the 3rd logo I uploaded but with more of a vintage feel and neutral colours. I will also be donating part of my net income to charities in the community.

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  • Colour too bold together. Too 80s looking. I would like a vintage look. Thank you!
  • Colours are too bold together. I prefer a more classic script font and something more vintage.looking.
  • I like this design but it's not as vintage as I had in mind. I feel the slim sihouette might not go over well with the seniors. Thanks though, great design!
  • I like the colour combination and the script font. It looks more elegant than the others but it's not quite right. Thank you though!
  • Thank you for your design but its not what I had in mind
  • Hi CH, please take a look at my work, #2, #4, #5, #6. I hope you like this.
  • Thank you for your designs, I love the vintage feel of this design, and how you've played with the colours as well. I would love to see it with more of a rounded shape overall and in a light turquoise instead of pink as my male clientele might find it too feminine after all. Thank you!
    • Hello loukiagstylist, Thank you for your feedback :) I have done the colour revisions as requested on the original entry, plus have added a circle to give a more rounded look as you suggested. Please see design entry #33. And I have also done another set of variations for you - #34 Thank you again and I look forward to hearing your feedback! Sophie xx

  • Thanks, it's looking great. Would love to see a different font for the text underneath the emblem. "The Beauty Room" and "" Could you try another with "Eco-Friendly . Natural . Organic" instead of "". Could you try and replace the pink ribbon with a light turquoise ribbon (light blue/green)? Thanks!
    • Hello CH, we will work on it and soon we will upload the requested revisions. Thank you. Best regards.

  • I would love if you could create a round vintage wreath logo with the text inside and incorporate a ribbon in part of it. Also "Eco friendly. Natural. Organic" as part of it as well. I looked through your portfolo and was very impressed with all of you designs. What talent!
  • I like this as well but would also like to see it with more of a whimsical look but in the same format with the ribbon behind the BR emblem and the text underneath, and in a light turquoise. Thanks!
    • Hello CH, thank you for your feedback and guidelines. Here we send you a revised version of the logo #25 Please, kindly, let us know about further suggestions. Thank you. Best regards.

  • Thank you for your designs, I like the boxiness of the font with the loopiness of the design on top but would love more detail with the loopiness. Thanks!
  • Thank you for your designs, I like this one but would love to see more of a border or a pictoral aspect. Thanks!
  • Thank you for your designs. I like it but would prefer more detail. Thanks!
  • Again great, but not what I'm looking for. I like how you have incorporated a hairdryer. Would you be able to create one with an old/original hood dryer, more of a loopy font, and a vintage feel? Thanks!
  • Thank you for your designs, I like the idea of this one but it's too simple and would like it to look whimsical as well as eco conscious. Thanks for your unique design!
  • Thank you for your design, I like that there is a pictoral aspect but it is not what I had in mind. It does look as though it would market well to baby boomers as the silhouette looks older. Think vintage. Thanks!
  • Thank you for your designs but it's not what I had in mind. I would like more of a vintage loo and my slogan incorporated. Thanks!
  • Thank you for your designs, I do like this one!. I would love to see the font less loopy and feminine to balance out the loopiness of the border, and the crown could be more whimsical if possible. Thanks!
  • Thanks for this one too!
  • Thank you for your designs, I like how you've created an emblem design and incorporated the initials as I would be able to use them on their own as well. I would love more detailing and shading in the overall design as was displayed in # 21. I do like this though. Thanks!