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Winning design #87 by kristijp, Logo Design for The BrainStorm Contest
Gold Medal

designed by kristijp

Project description

School Genius Bar.  The school mascot is Storm.  It is a place were the community can come to get help with technology, kids will be maintaining a website with blog posts and how to videos.  We wanted to call ourselves the Genius Bar, that is owned by Apple.  School contest took place and BrainStorm was the winner.  Tag line (and does not need to be in the logo), will be That place for all things technology!

Initially we were drawn to a lightbulb with gears in it, now wondering for ideas that capture the brain- both for help (more right brain and ideas- left brain)  We also liked the idea of a silhouette with techy things coming out of the head.  Anyway, turning to you all to come up with an idea that will serve as a logo for the space, be the logo on our website, and be adorned on shirts and sweatshirts.

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  • About #92, @kristijp hello! i am trying to award the contest to you, but it is not saving. Are you seeing anything on your end?
    • @lizardri nope, just the rating, let me get ahold of someone for you

    • @lizardri I just sent a message to the Admins letting them know, hopefully someone will get back to us shortly and help out

    • @lizardri Hi there What entry numbers do you want for gold/silver/bronze I can mark these for you but need to know what you want for each Thank you

  • BrainStorm Logo7 #107
  • Logo For BrainStorm . . Hope you like it. :) #99
  • here's my other variation. hope im on track. Good luck. :-) #94
  • I am sorry, I forgot to ask to also put it in the school font MyriadPro #86
    • @lizardri #92 is the update with MyriadPro. I wasn't 100% sure if you were asking for just 'brain' to be put in Myriad or if you'd like the whole 'brainstorm'– if this was the case, just let me know and I can get you an another updated version.

  • Here's my other approach. Feedback and direction is appreciated. Good luck. #90
  • here's another aproach. Hope you like it. Good luck #89
  • Logo idea. Feedback and direction is appreciated. Good luck. #88
  • Hello! Can you change the Maroon to PMS 194, and the gray to PMS 424? And present BRAIN in all caps? #76
    • @lizardri #86 and #87 are in the new maroon/gray colors with brain in caps. I also thought I'd present a mock up of how you might do a t-shirt just to show different ways you could use the logo. Let me know if you'd like to see any other changes. -Kristi

  • May we see the Red in PMS 194, and the Gray in PMS424? And Is that a brain on the left? Some see it as intestine instead. May we also see a version of this in black and white? #61
  • @lizardri Anything?... #82 #83
  • @lizardri #82 #83. If you would please... It would be awesome, and I would be grateful if I could get some feedback and directions. I would like to see your vision thru, and earn your business. #83
  • Could you incorporate the S lighting bolt and font type in the name? #16
    • Hi @lizardri , Thanks for your feedback. Have a look at #76 and let me know if it includes the changes you were looking for (I wasn't positive you were looking for the entire "storm" text to be changed– if not, just let me know). I also cleaned up the gears a bit so it scales down better. -Kristi

  • Hy,lizardri! hope you are doing well thanks for your feed back here are required changes ... please dont forget to give feedback....thanks #75
  • @lizardri Has anyone suggested you make this a blind contest? You get a more diverse batch of designs. Some designer tend to copy aspects of others, so you will see design leaning in a similar direction. Cheers :)
    • @graphman Thank you. We should of done that.

    • @lizardri You can still do it.

  • What is in the left brain? #14
  • May we see the B capitalized? And the S in Storm too? #71
  • Hy,lizard! hope you are doing well http://..please see it now http://...what are your remarks for it now ... #71
  • what does the goblet represent? #63
    • @lizardri it represent human head http://...if u can see it deeply its a human head with http://shuolders...and ideas coming out of it ...

  • Please give feed back. #70