The Brokerage of New England

Keyla was an excellent designer! Gave me exactly what I asked for and more!

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Winning design #175 by keyla, Logo Design for The Brokerage of New England Contest
Gold Medal

designed by keyla

Project description

Business: Real Estate Agency
Target: home buyers & sellers
Colors: blue, white, black, gray, green (don't have to use all)
Style: masculine/powerful/strong/clean/direct 

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  • (top logo)Can you switch "of new england" to white lettering with black background and "real estate services" to black lettering on white backround.
    Please keep verbiage in same locations #156
  • can you add "real estate services" into this design
    • @brokeragene please check and review the entry #175

  • Can you turn "The Brokerage" text from black to blue
    thanks #135
  • Can you please make "of New England" a smaller font
    thanks #140
    • @brokeragene : changes please review the #169 and #170, "of New England" What is still lacking smaller?

  • kindly check my new entry i hope you like it
    thank you:) #154
  • Hi CH
    please check my design
    hope you like it
    Thanks #148
  • Hope you like it #146
  • Can you add in "Real Estate services" somewhere in the design
    thanks #111
    • Thank you for the feedback
      please check and review the changes logo
      I resubmit a change in entry #139 and #140


  • Great design, can you fit in"real estate services" somewhere in your design
    thanks #135
  • I like the font and layout of "the brokerage of new england" but the symbol next to it I don't like #133
  • Can you thin out the roof lines like #6 that you did
    Thanks #30
    • avo

      About #30, @brokeragene
      I have revised the logo as you requested .., please check #110

      Thank you,.. :)

    • @brokeragene hi sir you rate my design 94 but you rate 0 can i ask question sir? how can i improve my design to get the rating 94? Thank you

  • please youre feedback about my design. thanks
  • please youre feedback about my design. thanks
  • please give some feedback,...thank you :) #126
  • I was not sure if you would prefer this. A very minimal and modern design. #105
  • Another elegant design. Kindly let me your feedback. #104
  • Hi, Please check my design and let me know your feedback. #103
  • thanks for rate. please youre feedback
  • kindly check my logo proposal to your company i hope you like it
    thank you:) #85
  • this design (B) home please feedback sir #81