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Winning design #42 by rezaray, Logo Design for The Canitizer Contest
Gold Medal

designed by rezaray

Project description

This is a trash can sanitizing service.  I need a logo for the company. i would like a cartoon type logo - maybe a trash can with a happy face, arms holding a scrub brush or bar of soap standing under a shower head, with a few bubbles.  Colors should be white, green, yellow, maybe pale gray.  I am thinking of using the trash can man as the center "i" in the Canitizer, so the lid would need to be up so that the can is the lower part of the "i" and the lid is the dot of the "i".  the 2 pieces should be close together and the face could be on the lid - maybe the handle as the nose?

another idea would be to have the trash can be a super hero with a mask and cape, muscles of the arms posed in a superman stance with hands on hips and a large "C" in an upside down triangle on the "chest" - or one arm in this pose and the other with a scrub brush or shower head

the color of the cleaning equipment is called Blue Streak i think - it is a nice summery blue like water

i would like to be able to use this logo on both sides of the equipment as well as t-shirts, maybe the website, and brochures.  

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  • revised design #42
  • love the trashcan man

    dont love the font - try something else?
  • could you maybe make the "CAN" just a little bigger than the rest of the Canitizer word? #31
    • About #31, @canitizer_fla
      No problem, will do that
      Thank you

  • About #25, @Anhlee i am liking this a lot
  • About #5, @rezaray
    Also Ai file are the source file so you can make a jpg, png, tiff and gif format out of Ai file
  • Hello canitizer!!
    Thats full vector hand made - all formats and support as usual, I very love this work... This is a hobby, my specialization is vebshops from design, programmming to promotion and branding. Hope yo'l love my work #38
  • Hi.
    This is design that I created for you. I took superhero theme on your brief, and took green to colored it, because green is calm and nature-based, and second color I choosed is white, white describes clean and healthy.
    Hope you like it. I'm ready for your feedback.
    Thank you.
    Fajar #33
  • i will want to use my logo on a website, tshirts, hats, letterhead, and on the truck (wrap for the truck) will all necessary formats be available? #5
    • About #5, @canitizer_fla
      Yes, of course
      The files are Ai, eps, pdf (Ai and eps are suitable for printing process)

  • green is better than the yellow
  • i like this very much, but i "photo" in the background is irrelevant to my business

    maybe an outdoor beach or park scene would be best - i do like the dark gray #27
  • The trash can "i" should replace the first "i"

    also the lid can maybe completely up as the dot on the "i" #28
  • I've added more color effects.
    Please review and let me know if you need anything else.

    Sincerely, Anhlee #24
  • Hello! I hope you enjoy it, if you need any changes let me know please. Sincerely Christina. Thank you.
  • Happy New Year,
    I hope that you can provide feedback on two new designs.
    Also your appreciation also helped me a lot.

    • @Anhlee Happy new Year! i do like your designs our color scheme is more green, blue, yellow, gray - no red - if you would like to adjust and resubmit with color changes that would be nice -

  • i really like this color scheme #5
  • thank you for another option #9
    • About #9, @canitizer_fla
      You're welcome

  • no what i am looking for, but thank you #2
    • I can probably improve if you want it About #2, @canitizer_fla

  • i like the different color options
    • @canitizer_fla I have uploaded new version. Please review and let me know if you need anything else. Sincerely, Anhlee

  • This is my favorite so far! good job #5
    • About #5, @canitizer_fla
      Thank you, any feedback for my draft?

  • i like your design very much #4