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Winning design #56 by operhal, Logo Design for The Clean Can Company Contest
Gold Medal

designed by operhal

Project description

We need a LOGO that represents a trash bin cleaning service. We are looking for a logo to put on a truck. We want something catchy that represents happy clean trash can. 

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  • Dear CH, i have add bubble effects inside of circle. #56
  • Can you add the same bubble effect to the bubbles inside the circle. Thank you. #55
  • bigger sparkles #55
  • The sparkling effect you have on the Clean Can. Can you make the sparkles/effect a little bigger. Letters c,a,c,n. Hope that makes sense #53
    • @spencer1 Yes, of course..

  • background options.. #54
  • Hi, there is correction you asked for..I add little bit pink in bubbles and some sparks on letters. Hope you will like it. If is there anything you would like to change please don't hesitate to contact me.

    My best,
    operhal #53
  • Can you add a little more sparkle to "clean can". Also can you show me what it looks like with a little shade of pink in bubbles. #52
  • is there a way to make the bubbles stand out a little more. Maybe give them some sparkle
    • @spencer1 Hi, please check #52 and let me know what you think.

  • Different color option for your consideration..
  • Dear CH, please check this option and let me know what you think.

    My best,
    operhal #50
  • rate this please :) and tell me what you want ! #43
  • we like something along the lines of the can in 34 with the sprey gun and bubbles. But are looking for more detail not clip art. We want it to turn heads. Thank you. #44
    • @spencer1 Just the can portion. We like the direction you are going.

    • @spencer1 Thank you! I will work on new can design

  • Can you change just the yellow "Clean Can" to the Blue. Change the grey in circle to white. Thank you #40
  • Can you change the can to a different more catchy can. Make the can a darker green. Also, change company to black. Take away the blue pool of water in the gray circle area, leave the bubbles. Capitalize "the", please. #44
  • Different color combination and some details fixed :) Hope you will like it.

    My best,
    operhal #47
  • option with dark background #46
  • background options #45
  • Dear CH, please check my design and let me know what you think.

    My best,
    operhal #44
  • Can you come up with something incorporating the name? I like the pics #34
    • About #34, @spencer1 can you give me an example for font name :)

    • @aymenfcb not sure , we just want it to pop from across the highways.

  • Can you switch the grey area to a nice black. Thank you