The Cleaning Studio - Professional Rug Care

I was very impressed with the designs that were submitted. Although I have a designer I work with on a regular basis, I wanted fresh ideas from multiple designers. The winning designer was very accommodating and made multiple small changes to meet my exact goal.

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Winning design #144 by ppnndn, Logo Design for The Cleaning Studio - Professional Rug Care Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ppnndn

Project description

The Cleaning Studio - Where cleaning is an art form. We are an oriental and area rug cleaning company. Specializing in hand washing of high end rugs. I am open to colors used. I did put some colors I like

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  • I like having a symbol at the left. I don't care for the color green and I'm not sure about all lowercase letters. Thank you for your submission
    • i tried a few different things, the other one shows how the symbol can be used as a pattern, ill submit a few different designs later.

    • I submitted a different design with a new symbol and a different font, I would like to hear what you think about the changes and any suggestions you have to change, thanks.

  • Clipart / Vector art is prohibited in logo contests. Designs need to be original. No infraction, this is just a warning.
  • I there a oriental rug looking medallion or design that could replace the "c"? Maybe something with black blue red. Gold with a rich look to it.
    • Dear Ch, Thank you for possitive feedback.. please check and review my design #23 THANKS

  • I like the text but the image of the rug isn't right . Would it be possible to see the rug in red with white fringe and maybe in a different location?
  • I like that there is a rug used in the design but the angles of the words I don't care for. Thank you
  • Thank You for previous feedback, here is another version #22
  • I like the black and red on the lettering. I'm not sure on the placement of the yellow stripe or the blue medalian. is there something like the yellow stripe but a rug with fringe
    • Would you like me to keep the medallion in the design? My idea was to make it look like a water drop with a rug pattern look to it.

  • i would like to see an image that reflect the rich colors and symbols of a fine rug
  • I like the lay out , but the vacuum nozzle doesn't work for me.
  • I like that you include the tag line and what we do. I don't care for the image or the 3 color fonts. Thank you
    • On #16 I changed the image and the colors. The image is supposed to remember an oriental rug (like the central image on a oriental rug), and also reinforce the idea of "where cleaning is an art form".

  • I'm not a fan of the all one color, but thank you.
  • Thank you for your entry but I don't see upscale rug care
  • I like the font, but not the medalian . i would also like to see Professional Rug Care or the tag line. Thank you
  • I like this I'm just not sure of the image just because their is a cleaning company in my area with a similar image
  • This is sharp looking I don't care for the water dropI would prefer a rug image or oriental rug medalian.Thanks.
  • silver and red looks sharp but I don't care for the blue image
  • The black and gold looks upscale but I don't care for the blue image
  • I don't care for the vacuum image. I would prefer something more oriental rug related
  • Dear sir, could you take a look at #14? I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  • Respected sir, Kindly go through entries #6 and #7 and leave a feedback. Thanks