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Winning design #110 by cyacool, Logo Design for The Clover Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by cyacool

Project description

The clover is a "Find-me" device that can be attached to any objects. When the clover is registered with a mobile device, it will continually communicate with the device to make sure that the device is still in range and sound an alarm once the connection is lost. Attach to important object to prevent it from getting lost or locate it by asking the device to beep via The Clover app on your phone.

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  • Hello CH, I have submitted #30. I hope it is to your liking. Thanks.
    • I really like your design. The clover smoothly integrated with sound wave is really good idea. Still it looks a bit imbalance on the top right. Could you do anything about it?

    • Hello, I have submitted #61 with the changes as you requested. I decided to use a brighter green for this one. I have also submitted #62. This time with block color Thanks

  • Hello! I submitted #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 for your consideration, please let me know your thoughts on these concepts moving forward. Thank you!
    • #3 and #5 (and updated: #10) are by far the best design. We like the simpleness and font of #3 while #5's logo also portray great meaning (4 location marks forming a clover) could you try mixing these advantages together? and also I'd like to see the logo with both 3 and 4 leaves

    • Of course ill do some versions for you! Ill get back to you soon.

    • could you span the 3 leaves out like #3 ? thanks!

    • Based on #12, could you add stem from #18 and increase the circle size (to thicken the green border)

    • I hope you like my revisions! Keep in touch with any thing I could do to improve these designs for your company. Thank you!

    • I also submitted a few versions today that show examples of an app icon for your company! Please let me know what I could do to improve my designs, thank you for your ratings.

  • Hello CH, do you have any initial ideas in mind or are you open to suggestions, All the best
    • Hi, We're actually looking for simple-flat design with a bit of colour and friendliness vibe. Additional suggestions are welcomed!

    • Excellent, i'll get working on some designs for you now! All the best

  • The pin in the clover can not be used, you can use the clover and the pin just not together
  • Hello CH, Please take a look at my entries, #59 #57 and #60, I hope you like it Thanks. Pedro
  • GJR
    Hello. I have submitted #83. I've used the natural negative space between the clover leaves to create a target. I hope you like it. Many Thanks.
    • GJR

      I've also submitted #84 with bolder colour and with the logo on different backgrounds. #91 is the same with a more friendly font.

  • using locator pin in the clover is idea already in use by another designer
  • Hi I entered the contest with two designs, #116 adn #117. I made a clover shape out of navigation arrows and pointing/direction arrows. Feedback an changes would be helpful. Regards Andrei
  • watermarks/self promotion not allowed on contest entries
  • -touchaponk Any feedback for #133 & #135 ? I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks. -Joe.