The Cottonwood School of Civics and Science

We had a great experience. This was a terrific way to get a variety of designs at a reasonable price or our budget conscious public school. We are super pleased with the amount of entries and revisions recieved and ultimately got a logo that everyone on our rather large committee felt great about! Will continue to use Design Contest for future design needs!


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Winning design #190 by upuss, Logo Design for The Cottonwood School of Civics and Science Contest
Gold Medal

designed by upuss

Project description


Please look at a cottonwood tree for reference and use imagry that reflects this kind of tree in particular. 
The Cottonwood School should be on a seperate line than "of civics and science".

Our K-8 School in Portland, Oregon recently has been renamed.  We are looking for a new logo that exemplifies what we do and who we are.  

Our school philosophy is learning through "Place Based Education". Students spend a good amount of time "in the field" rather than in the classroom, using their natural and urban environments to explore and learn with hands-on oppportunities.  We like the idea of using an image that shows multiple trees, or a blowing tree or even a heart shape cottonwood leaf.  We do not like the idea of a badge type logo or a crest, and prefer a strong and modern font.  We do not want the logo to feel stuffy but also not overly whimsical. We have created a pinterest board of some colors and design ideas that appeal to us.  We have made notes on each image to hone in on what we like or dont like about them. 

Please take the time to look through these before submitting your ideas.

We chose the name The Cottonwood School of Civics and Science for the reasons below:
  • Cottonwood trees have a strong and stable trunk and divide into thick branches that open into a crown at the top. The tree is spread throughout our region, because the wind takes its seeds far and wide. This is symbolic of our mission to allow our students to spread out and plant seeds in our community through service and fieldwork.

  • Portland is our school’s ‘place’ and a city filled with Cottonwood trees. Our school is located close to Cottonwood Bay along the Willamette River and our students spend a good deal of time learning there.

  • This name has great potential for a beautiful logo and imagery in school marketing materials which will help in gaining support from potential donors and community partners.

  • Easy to pronounce, somewhat playful —a great thing for kids-- though by adding “of Civics and Science” the name takes on a more serious and academic tone for potential parents and supporters.

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