The Country Club of Sioux Falls

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Winning design #118 by SixElevenDesign, Logo Design for The Country Club of Sioux Falls Contest
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Project description

We are reopening the contest for another 7 days, and hope to have 3 to 4 options for our board to vote on when completed. I wanted to leave the description from round 1 here so if you are new to the contest you have a feel for our needs (also included new content more at end for everyone). We are a private country club in Sioux Falls, SD, and are wanting a new logo as part of our rebranding. It would be nice to have the logo tie in or be relevant to the area, or name of the club. We want a 2-part logo (icon on top and font underneath), and we want them to work together and/or separate. In regards to the Font under the Icon the board likes "The Country Club" to be on top, and of Sioux Falls or Sioux Falls underneath that (est. 1959 is an option too). Descriptive words for the logo would be: simple, bold, iconic.... It might be helpful to know that the icon alone would be used alot on apparel, the full logo more on letterhead and signage... We have had companies work on a logo and ideas they have had are the "Falls/Water" as an icon. "Falls Park" is an important landmark here, others have tried intertwining the letters CCSF... These are good options and can be used, but we don't want to limit your creative minds as well. Options that were considered from round 1 but fell short were #35 and #48. In round 2 we want to make sure artists understand SIMPLE is better. If artists want to try letters we ask that you use TCC this time to represent "the country club". A good example or variation would be Aronimick Golf Club, see on internet (traditional), or Sand Hillis (modern) as references. If you have other icon ideas we would love to see them. The more relevant to our area/ city the better (plains, falls, etc...)

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  • I would like to see The Country Club larger and Sioux Falls smaller (flipped)... We will use the name "The Country Club" alot when referencing the club.... EST. 1959 vs. Established all written out. I also trying to visualize this being stitched on shirt....ok...
  • The designs shouldn't be to busy like many of these have been, less is more... I need them to look clean, simple, bold, iconic (will go on apparel).. Still would like to see more with falls or letters. OR, another option I would like to see is something similar to (southern dunes golf club in Arizona)... It has a flag with grass at bottom, very simple... I think something like that with cc on one side of pole at bottom, and sf on other side would look good. Maybe est. 1959 under pole or in flag.
  • DTW
    Contest there something you would like to see different or changed. Have another variation idea. Unless you say other wise. Thanks for the voting on design.
    • New variation would be great. Letters can be intertwined, or not, open to your ideas. Or, if you have a total new concept or icon you feel would be better show it. I mentioned the letters and falls because that is what we have been focusing on, however I don't want to restrict you either.

  • Just for something a little different can you try the following: - take off the "c" around the flag, then - on the left side of flag pole towards bottom put CC vertical or stacked , then on other side of flag pole put SF vertical or stacked. - put 4 or 5 blades of grass on each side of pole at very bottom (no cup) just grass around bottom of pole. - under pole put est. 1959 - for font take off "the" at just use Country Club (top line)and (of Sioux Falls) bottom line centered.
    • I haven't seen a redo of your design based on the above items.... Will you have time to do that, I think it could be a good option. Let me know either way, thanks!

  • Switch Sioux Falls and Country Club around. Add "The" to Country Club. Take out the rackets, and put CCSF, CC above SF. And Est. 1959 centered under SF. The letters CCSF should take up most of the inner circle.
    • I made the requested changes, and i must say it looks very sharp. Unfortunately I cannot upload any more designs, could you possibly remove one of my earlier designs, such as #9, so i could upload the newer version with the changes you requested? Thank you.

  • Using, tracing or copying clip art (or any other design or image) in logo contest is not allowed -;
  • Take CCSF out of the flag and replace with 1959. Try to make it so it is easier to see both C's in CC. Underneath, have The Country Club bolded above of Sioux Falls
  • Take the letters out, and put 1959 in the flag. Stack CC on the left side bottom of the pole, and stack SF on the right side bottom of the pole. Take out the C and the hole and put some grass at the bottom of the pole. (please reference the Southern Dunes, AZ logo.) We like the whispy longer blades of grass.
    • |--|

      jareda {*wrote*}:
      Take the letters out, and put 1959 in the flag. Stack CC on the left side bottom of the pole, and stack SF on the right side bottom of the pole. Take out the C and the hole and put some grass at the bottom of the pole. (please reference the Southern Dunes, AZ logo.) We like the whispy longer blades of grass.
      |--| Ok. let me work on that, you will have the revisions as soon.

  • Can you try and put another C inside or just outside of that C (almost like a shadow or highlight/ like you were taking a highlighter and marking the outside).... That would represent CC or Country Club. I like the lines at each end of the C so put that on both c's, just want to see them slightly intertwined... Then, try and put the letters CCSF in the flag.
    • Ok. let me work on that, you will have the revisions in the next 30.

    • Hi Jareda, I have made the changes you requested. I have also tried to give you an impression of what the icon would look like on apparel. Tell me what you think.

  • Hi jareda, Thanks for rating my design #17. What improvements can i make on it to make it your logo? i would highly appreciate your feedback.
  • Can you also do a version where you take THE off and have the top line "Country Club", and below that "of Sioux Falls" , then in the Flag rather than TCC, put CCSF.... We are still contemplating THE or not, and that will show committee another way of seeing it... Not sure if these can be smaller side images that show options with your sample # already....
  • Can you make the cup all white... Also, make the Font Color the same, not 2 colors... Finally, as a side image or additional image can you show me the icon (flag, cup, grass) with est.1959 underneath it... Take off The Country Club Sioux Falls.... If this type of icon is used I see me using that on alot of apparel, and maybe name of club on sleeve...
  • Hi, #15 is my draft proposal, shown in sample colors; the icon represents a stylized face of the falls with discending water flows, and a Sioux nation symbol is enclosed. Also included are layout variations, standalone icons and a possible "CCSF" lettermark. I'm ready for your feedback and requests of changes.
  • This one has some potential with modifications.... I want the name underneath the flag, so the flag is centered on top above it (you can mess with font size how you see fit for it to balance out). Can you put some grass around the bottom of pole(like the other one was i referenced).... Put the est. 1959 underneath Sioux Falls. Then, I like the triangle flag, but can we add TCC to the middle of it... If you have to make it slightly bigger so it can be read that is fine. It needs to be subtle, but I would like it to be just large enough so the TCC can be read when it is embroidered, it might be big enough now which would be good...
  • can you make this vertical vs. laying down or sideways?
    • I made that for initial CCSF in double square rotates. What do you mean "make vertical" ? the logo or the textline?

  • For an example can you take the CCSF away from the flag pole and put CCSF inside the Flag...
  • C (double C) is concept of other designer:;
  • Right idea, but can you make the letters smaller and closer to the flag pole (just above the grass in proximity).... In total I want both the CC's to equal in height about the same size as 1 of those current c's... Same for SF on the other side... thanks
  • Can you take away the cup at the bottom and leave just the grass.. Also, make the letters smaller and put them on top of each other... CC still on left and SF on right...
  • The designs need to reflect more traditional country club logos. I encourage you to look at more country club logos, and you will see they are more simple. The logo needs to stitch well on apparel, and that is why it can't be very busy. I mentioned in an early post that Aronimick Golf Club is a mark or logo that has some of these characteristics. We are looking at using TCC as the letters if we go that route...