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I need a logo design for my law firm. The name of the firm is The Demerson Firm, P.C. We are a litigation law firm specializing in criminal and personal injury matters. I want something innovative, clean and edgy. I dont have a color scheme so I will leave that to the designer.

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  • Can I see the top design with DF on top of the scales of justice
    • Dear CH, Thanks for your feedback. I made revisions #75 as you suggested. If you have more suggestions to improve design feel free to ask. Best regards.

  • Hi CH I submitted a few concepts. please take a look at #53, #54, #55 and #56 and let me know what you think. Thanks Andrei
  • Thank You CH for rating my design. Please also check my latest design #32. Also give some feedback thank you.
  • Hi CH, Design #21 and #5 is for your consideration. Please provide me feedback if it is worth to you. Regards...
    • the two designs are not really what im looking for. They may not be suited for a law firm. Thanks

    • Design #22 is also for your eyes. please check it and provide me feedback. Thanks...

    • Please see the brief, I stated I wanted something closer to serious. In my opinion that design is not serious in the sense of a law firm. I hope this helps.

  • Can you put "attorney and counselor" under "The Demerson Firm. Also, the spelling of my name is incorrect.
  • I really like this design!!!
  • instead of having "pc" under The Demerson Firm. Can you put a bar under "The Demerson Firm" and under the bar put "Attorney and Counselor"
  • I would like it to say Attorneys and Counselors under "The Demerson Firm, P.C.
  • JvZ, I the design. I looking for something a bit more complex. Its hard to give feedback right now because I dont really have an idea of what I want just yet.
  • JvZ
    Dear CH, thanks for the rating .. . If you could give any feedback regarding my entry #3 I would really appreciate it .. . Thanks ..
  • I am interested in choosing this design. I want to see it without the D and F on the scales of justice. Thank you kindly.
    • Dear CH, I submitted new design as you requested #84. Thank you.

  • I really like this design. Can you please remove the D & F from the scales of justice. I dont want people to be under the impression that the "f" is for my last name.
  • Hi cdemerson09~ I created a couple logos for your consideration that are clean and simple and feature stylized columns that symbolize strength and support. Hope you like the concepts: #81 and #82 Kind regards, PaintedPony
  • Sorry, your design has same concept (law hammer in D) as other designer's work: