The drain king

my designer victoirking was excellent! and im very happy with the end product

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Winning design #28 by Victoireking, Logo Design for The drain king Contest
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designed by Victoireking

Project description

Im looking to redesign my current logo ( .  I feel like its alittle too "busy" so i want to simplify it. Also it has a whimsical/cartoonish theme and id like it to look alittle more corporate like my competitors (roto-rooter, mr rooter). I would like to adhere to the 3 color rule but i want to stand out from the red/white/blue norm in my industry. Im thinking red/yellow/blue would be good but im open to any colors

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  • i did pick you as the winner.. i will check to see what happened and why you were never notified
    • @thedrainking Hi, here it is step by step to choosing a winner, You will need to be logged in and on your contest page with the entries. You will see the trophy icon on your right (next to the sort by options, under the "blue" upgrade contest button) 1. When you click on the trophy icon you will see medal outlines on all of the entries. if you see only rated..look to your viewing left and uncheck rated only box, all entries will now show 2. Click on the entry you want for gold, then silver and then bronze (silver and bronze do not receive money but they do get extra designer points and they work hard for the 2nd and 3rd place medals) All 3 medals would need to be different designers 3. After you have your medal winners the contest then goes into finalization. You will see a green download source file button and grey request changes button. These buttons will take you to the private finalization where you have 7 more days to work with your winner on minor changes you may need. :)

  • feedback please. #83
  • feedback please. #82
  • with gold color. feedback please. #81
  • feedback please. #80
  • The lion is the king's symbol #50
  • The lion is the king's symbol #49

  • I really hope you like it #45
  • Hello! Check, please design. If something needs to change, write to me. Thank you! #33
  • Hi, here it is the revision. #28
  • Please feedback me. Here #16,#17,#18 are my design. If need any changes inform me.
  • Hi, hope you like it, and let me know if you need anything, thank you. #2