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Winning design #147 by EcoDesigns, Logo Design for The Edge - Sharpen Your Potential! Contest
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Project description

This project is centered around a logo design for a start-up in the career-success education field. The business is called The Edge - Sharpen Your Potential! We are successful executives making a career change to teach young people (ages 19-25) some of the secrets of success that they can begin to focus on immediately to enhance their chances of success in a competitive market. Since the cost of our program (and it is an in-person classroom program), will be born often by their parents, we need to logo to reflect both a serious/professional quality for parents, while also carrying a "cool factor" for the Gen Y students . There are a number of potential angles to take the words EDGE and SHARPEN. The reflection of EDGE we are going for is 'cutting edge', versus the more scary 'edge of a cliff', 'bleeding edge', 'edge of a bridge', or 'sporting edge'. Since we are looking to enhance achievement, perhaps thinking about that is the key. This is all about career success for young people.

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  • hi, hi design the #6, modern and classical at the same time, in upper right i draw an a stairway, the stairway to the succes! feed me,i'm at your total disposal! VANgatti
  • I have submitted my design, #3, for your consideration. I tried to keep you modern and sophisticated apporach in mind for this. I was not sure on the colors but the light blue and gray should give it an educational air to it. I hope this strikes your interest in some way and feel free to respond to me for any changes or suggestion you would like to see. Thank you
  • Good day CH, I have submitted the #2 design, I am looking forward of any comment or suggestions to improve the design. Thank you
  • jiu
    Dear Oleksandrm, My design entry #32 is not clipart. Give me your email address and I will send you the original files of my design. I repeat this is not a clipart. This is a vector file.
  • Hi there! We do not allow designers to use a clipart. Please, read our guidelines more carefully.
  • Hi there! We do not allow designers to use a clipart. Please, read our guidelines more carefully.
  • in the #16 i set other 2 different colour version: balck\white. i hope u enjoy it! :) VANgatti
  • hi CH, i've designed the #21 it's an other concept for you, tell me what u think. i'm at your total dispose. VANgatti
  • About #22 and #23 Hi Ch, Please check my entries. Hope you like. Thanks Laturjack
  • #58 is my first design. Obviously the font, style, colour & layout is editable so if you would like me to make any changes then let me know. many thanks. A
  • Hi CH, Feel free to make any suggestions for improvements on my entry #9 Cheers, MB
  • i've made #24 #25 and #28 . I'm are disponse for further improvements.
  • Dear CH. Iv'e made #40. Pleas let me know if you like it or maybe you will like me to change something Best Regards/ Schwaner
  • I have made some of the requested changes in entries #79 #80 #81 #82. Feel free to give me further feedback on my entry Cheers, MB
  • Is there any way you can perhaps better define the 'swoosh' in lighter blue to make it look more clearly like a road forward? Maybe the point at top could be less sharp and do something else to bring the 'road forward' concept to life. Thanks for anything you can do!
  • Wondering if perhaps you could try a couple things: 1) produce on white background so we can see what that looks like, 2) soften the sharp black stroke through the TE, 3) try changing out the black for a couple modern looking colors. Thanks for anything you can provide to show us the look of these suggested changes!
  • Is there a way you can make the first E a little more defined? If we do that, then the second E can stay as it is. When we looked at this it sometimes just looks like the company name is DG. Thanks!
  • Dear CH, this is my concept for your logo design #63. Looking forward for your feedback. Thanks, Best Regards
  • Thank you so much for your feedback. I am happy you like my design. Yes, I can do all the color changes and show you multiple color variations.
  • Hi, please take a look to my entry, #133 & #137. Maybe you like something clean and simply.