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Winning design #121 by poetaa92, Logo Design for the Four Hundred Contest
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designed by poetaa92

Project description


the Four Hundred | makeover bar

This is a startup brick&mortar business. It is a salon that ONLY does face makeovers. It is obviously more prone to women but we want it to be unisex - or not turn men off by using pink and swirly things.

It should have a magazine, social elite, red carpet, cover of vogue spotlight type feel to it. High end, upper class, etc.

The name comes from the Gilded Age (1870-1900) so feel free to incorporate that somehow.

***Needs to have a gradient of all foundation shades incorporated from white, fair skin all the way to the darkest of ebony - with a shiny highlight feel like its wet foundation makeup. Maybe a wet splatter line of foundation at a transition between the title and tag?

Then maybe an accent color? You decide - but remember, nothing too girly!

Must have all 5 words in it, with only the F & the H in Four Hundred as capitals.

Im thinking like:

the Four Hundred
  makeover bar

as a baseline. But DONT let me stifle your creativity.

I'm getting a lot of $20 amateur work here. If you can't make a professional logo in photoshop or inDesign, don't submit please.

Hopefully I find the perfect one and we can continue to work together creating business cards, pricing lists, storefront sign, b&w receipt, brochures, etc.

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  • About #111, @poetaa92 is it possible to stretch to logo so it woudl ook better in the website header? Also, in the website slider, where "coiffuer" is - that would ideally read the logo as the name of hte magazine. Could you maybe make an alternative(matchign) that would work in the slider? Maybe using "400 M O B"
  • Here's an option with the changes you asked for. Hope you like it! Please let me know your feedback. #110
    • @studio69 these are not actually hte changes asked for. id rather go a more professional route i believe. I do like the foundation mess look, though not as the 400

  • Hello

    Hope you are having a wonderful day.
    We are happy to present our logo design & if you have any question please do let us know.

    Thank you & Good day #112
    • @phoraw this design doesn't give the prestigious feel we're looking for

  • About #98, @poetaa92 i lke your design but would like to see it in the same color format at entry #94
  • About #98, @poetaa92 nice! can you show me in gold?
  • thanks for rated, :D
    ok i understand about vvv logo as not being part of the logo, but add a bit style and elegance seems quite interesting,
    I would expect your feedback

  • I didn't exacty mean the VVV part of the logo - just the color scheme format of gold and shiny
  • sorry for comment overload - i uploaded a black&gold logo i like in the brief for reference. I also have a placeholder dev. website i need it to work well with at #90
  • About #90, @poetaa92 I liked the gold
  • About #90, @poetaa92 better. but we lost the shine. can you make a few variations of black background, different shadings, etc.? Maybe how it would look on a bus. card and storefront?
  • I like this. Can you un-slant it please? #89
  • FINALLY! Someone understands the wet foundation color scheme. Thank you... maybe you can make the "splatter" look like 400 in a sloppy way? That can be used as the just image logo on other materials.. just ideas.

    Also, change font to something less girly - but not too plain. Something with a slight magazine feel maybe? the makeover bar with the transition line looks good. #71
  • Little different placement! #80
  • Just a starting point! #79
  • Now, I tried something else, tried to make it a bit splashy, but to still keep it classy. @arringtonlacey #78
  • Another option with a different foundation swatch & font. #72
  • A logo option incorporating a gradient skin tone foundation swatch. Please let me if you'd like to see more variations of this. #71
  • neutral colors #63
  • vouge type feel.. hope this will works.
    thanks. #61
  • Here is an updated version of design #54. #59