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Winning design #3 by freakyphil1, Logo Design for The Friendly Swede Contest
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designed by freakyphil1

Project description

Our company, The Friendly Swede, are selling a variety of different products. From cell-phone accessories to paracord survival gear. We are now starting up a new brand for clothing, called The Trendy Swede. Our logo for The Friendly Swede is a silhouette of a moose in the colors of the Swedish flag (please find it here: We are now looking for a unique stylish logo for our new brand The Trendy Swede. We would gladly see inspiration taken from our original logo but not another moose seen from the side. An idea that's been mentioned in the office is to have The Trendy Swede written on three lines and moose horns sticking out on the sides. But we would of course LOVE to see your own unique ideas too! Looking forward to see what cool logos this contest will bring! :) *Please note that you can use any colors you'd like but the colors yellow and blue has to be in there but feel free to vary the tints. - The Friendly Swede team

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  • Hello CH. I was wondering if you are open to different colors than the ones you provided. Let me know. Thanks
    • Hi Laura! You are welcome to use any color you'd like. But we'd prefer if blue and yellow are some where in the logo (the Swedish colors). Good luck with your logo! :)

  • Hej Daniel! Could u please check out my 3 entries and let me know what you think. Tack sa mycket!
  • SGh
    Hello,Daniel.Please check out my entry #26.Tried to keep it minimal yet playful...and please notice the resemblance of the logo with the Sweden flag(by the letters and the scarf)...hope you'll like it!Best regards.
  • Hi, daniel, if your opinion about my work #8 and what I need to change. Thank you, with regards, krisdesign
  • Hi there! We really like your design for our competition! It is simple yet playful. Love the style! But do you think it is possible to make the logo more "unisex"? We want a logo that works for both boys and girls. If it is, we would be thrilled! Have a good one! The Friendly Swede
    • #54 I hope it is more unisex then my first design as a bonnet with a scarf are not very specific in their gender affiliation. Best Regards

  • Hi there My entries are #35 #36 adn #37. Tried to capture both trendy and swede... Feedback is welcome. Andrei
    • Hi! I like your entries! Especially #36. Something simple and playful as a button could really work for what we are looking for. Just one thing, how about to play around with the colors a bit? The two in this picture are bit loud. Possible to "calm the picture down a little"? :) Have a good one! Daniel

    • Hi Sorry for the strong colors, it was because of CMYK to RGB conversion.. I work in CMYK color space and the contest page requires RGB upload. I corrected that and uploaded #50 and #51. Also, since the cardigan button is quite unisex (bot men and women wear trenchcoats, raincoats and cardigans) i implemented a feminine touch to the other logo, in form of a purse inside the R. Thanks for your kind feedback about my entries. Andrei

  • using the bowe tie is copying entry 3
  • using the top hat is copying entry 3
  • Dear CH! I'd be grateful for any feedback on my entries #60 and #62 - the logo consisting of two shapes - moose antler and anchor which creates together the moose face. (both symbols of Sweden, immortaly present in fashion)
    • I revised the shape and made in more compact in #63 :)

  • Hello! I would appreciate any feedback to #56 #57 #58 ? Thank you!
  • Your entry is a copy of entry 3
  • You used bonnet and scarf that is unique concept of entry #54 This is your first and only warning, please check the entries before you enter a contest to make sure your entry is unique and your own idea!