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Winning design #169 by giani_lt, Logo Design for THE FRUIT BRANCH Contest
Gold Medal

designed by giani_lt

Project description

The Fruit Branch is a producer and distributor of Gourmet Frozen Fruit and Vegetable in different forms. We do not need any fruits or vegetables in the logo since there will be enough of it on and in the packaging. The logo need to be easy to recognise and remember and needs to look good just in black or white. 

Our packagings will be Transparent and Black with a splash of colour represent the colour of the fruit which is in the packaging. You also can show the logo on a bag similar to the design shown in the attachment.

Please look at the sample logo. This is just a concept we like but we need a much more modern and more  luxury look .

have fun
Thank you 

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  • Dear Sir
    please check it . hope you like. Thanks #204
  • Dear sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #203
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #202
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #201
  • About #199, @giani_lt thanks can you clear them up a bit to many roots.. its too busy.
  • one last request, could you please try a version were under the Word Branch are only roots without leaves comming out of the h, n, a r and B, Thank you #169
    • @Gourmet Popsicle I am working on it. Incase the contest time is over before I submit this version, I will upload the preview in finalization.

  • About #169, @giani_lt How are you in Packaging design? after this we will have another Packaging design contest.
  • Request feedback...image of pack is for reference only. #191
  • Jika Anda sudah melihat hasil karya saya. Mohon tanggapan yang baik dan umpan balik tentang saya.

    Terima kasih.
    Senang bekerja dengan Anda #181
  • it looks better could you please make a version Black on white background and a version white on black. Have you ever done any packaging design as well? #155
  • About #157, @GraphArt
    Initial negative space F letter of branches and leaves in rectangle
  • same here. after that it will be very nice #50
  • the connection between branch and writing need to be more smooth. #50
  • try one leave a fruit maybe? #130
  • hi, hope you like it ... #134
  • Thank you 115 & 116 is too busy and not very recognizable. #116
  • Better, try to make the leaves a bit smaller and therefor have more space for THE FRUIT BRANCH. also please use a different font. Thank you #67
    • @Gourmet Popsicle , Please check two more options. thank

    • @Gourmet Popsicle, Hello! Added a few more options, look, please. Thank!

  • simple design #97
  • funny idea but not what we are looking for, thank you #91
  • to many different elements thanks #93