The Garden of Growth

My experience with DesignContest was an absolute pleasure, especially in regards to working with Ayesha, my designer. It was exciting to see so many entries for my up and coming business coming in during the initial contest. Ayesha's entry immediately resonated with me as a clear embodiment of what I was trying to convey through the website's logo. She worked together with me day after day, perfecting every last detail with patience, grace and understanding. Working with Ayesha, and DesignContest, was an absolute pleasure. I am thankful to be leaving this contest with a logo for my business.

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Winning design #123 by lovespongebob1, Logo Design for The Garden of Growth Contest
Gold Medal

designed by lovespongebob1

Project description

This is a future website currently being designed to create my professional presence on the internet. I am a yoga teacher and philosopher with a great love for the outdoors. The Garden of Growth will be a place for the public to access information about yoga, meditation, philosophy and gardening. I am looking for a logo that evokes my love of nature. I chose the name "The Garden of Growth" because I envision a garden to be a fertile ground in which one can grow, whether it be their mind, body or spirit.

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  • Beautiful! Thank you so much. #123
  • Where did #120 go?? I am worried! I don't want to lose it!
  • Where did #120 go?? I am worried! I don't want to lose it!
  • Where did #120 go?? I am worried! I don't want to lose it!
  • One last thing! Could you please make the o in of lowercase in this one? #120
  • Beautiful!!!!!!! Thank you!! #120
  • Beautiful! I love the new flower but would still like all of the colors of the words to be the same color, I like the color of "growth" #118
    • @mgnklly Here you go. #121. Thanks for the regards. :)

  • Could you add the flower to this one too and make it all the same color as growth as wel #116
    • About #116, @mgnklly Please check #120 with the modification. Thanks

  • If you could change this green too for the final decision that would be greatly appreciated and make the flower a bit more open and alive #114
    • About #114, @mgnklly Please check #117 and #118 with rose variation and lower case o. Thanks. :)

  • Also could you lowercase the "o" in of #114
  • I like it all one color! But I am not wild about this green. Perhaps a big lighter green would be nice so it still looks "alive" #115
  • Hello! This one is my favorite. One last request- could you make "the garden of" the color of "growth"in this version and then change "growth" in the new version to a deeper, forest green? I am very excited! #66
    • @mgnklly Please check #116 for all the changings you asked for . Thanks :)

  • Could I also see a version where all of the colors are the same- a deeper forest green? #66
    • @mgnklly Please check #115 for whole green version. Thanks

  • I would like to see this one in all a deep forest green as well if possible. #65
    • If you have time I would also like to see a small red rose bud with the all forest green where the leaves are. Thank you! I think this is the one!

    • @mgnklly Sure! :) I am doing it as quickly as possible. Thanks

    • About #65, @mgnklly Please see #111 for whole deep forest colour version. Thanks

    • About #65, @mgnklly Please check #114 with a rose bud. Thanks

  • Clean and recognizable #113
  • The concept is Illustrative logo combination word mark, rectangle represent fence of garden and flower with root represent growth #112
  • And this is the design in black color. #108
  • Hello! Here is the design in forest green color as you requested, I hope you like it :) #107
  • Hello! I like this one. Could I see a versio in forest green and another version in black? #18
  • I like your designs! Could I see some different colors and fonts? Perhaps a script font with a black color #104