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Winning design #35 by PAVIAN, Logo Design for The Gofer Guys Contest
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designed by PAVIAN

Project description

We are looking for a new logo design. My website can give you more ideas. Thinking about something with snow and grass on it. We are basically a lawn care and snow removal company who also does odd jobs (go for this, go get that..ect). Sometimes we get calls from people wondering if we exterminate gophers (we do not) so if you can incorporate what we do into the logo in a clean and modern way would be great! We could try any colors. Looking for something that pops but also lets everyone know that we do many things all year long. maybe something with the 4 seasons.

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  • Like this idea. Not sure about the lettering in white and black. Maybe a color that pops this whole thing. or different font.
    • Hi, thank you for the feedback. I have submitted #3 which is #1 with a couple of colour variations. Do you have a particular font style in mind... bold or not, italic or not, fancy or plain? I will see what I can come up with. Cheers, Glen.

    • Still like the first one the best. The snow does look a bit like a cloud though. Could you try adding more of a plow blade to the end of the R so it's a little more obvious?

    • Hi. In #7, I have added a plow blade as requested and tried to improve the look of the snow a bit by increasing the size and adding a few wee dashes of blue. Thanks, Glen.

  • Hello, thank you for the rating. Are there any elements you would like me to push/change? I look forward to hearing back -Daniel
    • |--|

      danielg13 {*wrote*}:
      Hello, thank you for the rating. Are there any elements you would like me to push/change? I look forward to hearing back -Daniel
      |--| I am still looking for something that will give me that look that shows we do lawncare and snow plowing. Something that maybe shows 4 seasons.

  • I like this logo a lot. Just not sure on the grass part. Can we do something a little different with the grass. Maybe put it in the word. Just seems to stick up to high.
    • Hi, Thanks for the feedback. In #13, I have made changes as requested, shifting the grass down to "Guys" making it less obtrusive. I have placed two versions in the submission so you can see "The" in both black and green. Cheers, Glen.

    • Hi again, I revised #13 a bit further resulting in #16, where I brightened the colours and added the sun on the left as a response to your comment about the seasons. I then added some autumn leaves which can be seen in #18. Might be a bit cluttered now, but all seasons are represented. Sun = Summer, Leaves = Autumn, Snow + Winter, Grass = Spring. Any thoughts? Have I gone too far? Love to hear your opinions. Cheers, Glen.

  • How about putting the grass look in the word GUYS and Make the word GOFER plowing snow with the R.
  • your design has cut and paste work this is not allowed in logo contests
  • Lets work on this one again. How about making the word THE smaller and have the grass on it long and the rest of the line look like its cut grass. I just don't like the grass sticking up so high above the word THE.
    • Okay, I did a bit of work on #7 for you. In #24 you will see a different font for starters. Then the grass is at the base of the "The" which now has lower case h and e. The e is supposed to represent the blade of a lawnmower with a few blades of grass spitting out behind. The pile of snow is larger now too. The "Guys" received the same upper/lower case treatment as "The". Hope this is heading in the right direction. Cheers, Glen.

  • Like this but what about changing the grass under GUYS to snow?
  • CH, Good morning! I am writing in regards to my design entry #20. Here you will see a modern, simple logo that clearly shows the combination of snow and grass, but keeping it simple for print, web, etc. I look forward to any feedback you may have to offer involving my design, for example font, colors, etc. Thank you! Dina
  • Can you make the O normal and not a snow flake? Thank you
  • a feedback or a rating was welcome... it will be really helpful for my ranking. thank you!
    • Was not what I was looking for. Too girly for my buiness. Thank you

  • Remove the LLC please.
    • LLC has been removed from #31 and #32 and the results can be seen in #36 and #37. I moved "GUYS" towards the right a bit to fill the space and line up the S with the back part of the R of GOFER.

  • Remove the LLC please.
  • Remove the LLC please.
  • Hi, #32 shows black and white versions of #31. Glen.
  • Hi, thanks for the feedback on #24. Hopefully #31 addresses all the points you mentioned. The font is back to the original, the grass is ahead of the "THE" with the clippings still flying behind, and the snow is now less cartoony... at least it looks less cartoony to me, I hope it does to you too. Let me know your thoughts on the colours... whether you want them changed or not. Cheers, Glen.
  • Hi Rick While reading your brief I had a playful idea, different to what has been done so far, Please take a look at #26, maybe you like it. Regards. Andrei
  • Sorry about this. Just getting so close. Can you work on the snow pile, looks to cartoony.
  • Can we do the grass infront of the word THE and then have a little inside the letters and keep the clippings flying by the E. Change the Font please.
  • Like the other Font better though. I am thinking about the color. Getting soo close.
  • Not sure what the tire is for. like the grass, needs snow, a plow.