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Winning design #82 by DesignBear, Logo Design for The Gourmet Food Company  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by DesignBear

Project description

The Gourmet Food company is an online premium kitchen that offers the best, freshest food made with high quality, exclusive ingredients  to give customers a healthy and delicious meal that is delivered to their homes/offices. The menu will include, gourmet burgers, sandwiches, salads, pizzas, middle eastern fare: such as tabouleh, pita bread sandwiches, shwarma etc. 

The food is simple but chic.  

The design must reflect that the 'gourmet' aspect of the food offering. It must reflect exclusivity without being loud. 

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  • About #82, @DesignBear Hey! just checking in. When will you be able to have the design with the chef hat ready? can we just announce you as winner then.
    • About #82, @farhad1 I will have the design ready immediately. You can announce me as the winnner and I will upload the new design.

      Thank you,

    • @DesignBear Done! :-) Thanks

  • About #82, @DesignBear Hi! so finally we want select yoour design as the winner of the competition. We were hoping that you could please incorporate an emblem like a chefs hat into the design?
    • About #@farhad1 Thank you.Yes I can incorporate an emblem like a chefs hat into the design?

    • @DesignBear thanks! so much

  • Simple grey on white. Let me know if you would like any variations in color. #32
  • comment please #26
  • comment please! #25
  • raa
    This is my original option shown on a dark background for your consideration. Thank you. #19
  • raa
    I wanted to try something a little different by giving the name a double meaning by dropping "the" and bolding Our Food. If you like this concept I am open to your feedback, color suggestions, etc. Thank you. #8
  • Feedback Please :) #5