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Winning design #142 by graphman, Logo Design for The Grange Contest
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designed by graphman

Project description

a logo for a new , casual, farm to table restaurant.  Featuring, locally-grown produce and proteins (many grown on site).  A rural, agricultural minded menu on a eclectic, modern, suburban setting.   

Google "grange" for a more detailed description of the spirit we are attempting to capture in a restaurant.  

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  • Thank you for your review! #151
  • This is our favorite so http://far...not all of us too crazy about the fork and knife...i don't have any suggestions for what else to put there but if you do, Id like to see thanks

    • @Unclebutch #142 #143 New tweaks.

  • Thank you for your review! #141
  • Dear Contest Holder,
    Thank you for your rating. I just put one more element on this concept. Hopefully you gonna like it! #137
  • we like this one a lot... could you do one with the right side a solid line? not broken up like a "G"

    Thanks #62
    • About #62, @Unclebutch
      Well, I will finish, thanks for the comment.

  • What do you think about this work? #130
  • I have some more proposals for you. #123 #124 #125

  • Thank you for your feed back! #122
  • can you get rid of "farm to table" and maybe change the font on this one and #104? Please #90
    • Sure thing. Thanks About #90, @Unclebutch

    • @Unclebutch Here are the requested adjustments. #108 #109 #110 #111

  • also we like this one a http://lot...could you maybe change up the barn a bit?
  • @unclebutch Thanks for the ratings. Are there any alterations or tweaks you would like to see?
  • Hope you like it. #101
  • Thank you for your feedback! #100
  • Good Day, Here's my another interpretation of a minimalist and subtle design with a hint of a vintage feel. Please do provide a feedback or comment to any changes you'd like to have. Thanks you and have a great day.. Cheers! #97
  • Please let me know if you have any directions or requests. Thanks. #90 #91 #93
  • Dear Ch, await your feedback and suggestions. thanks #84
  • @Unclebutch Please see requested changes. #77, #78. Let me know if there is anything else I can do. Thanks
  • Dear Contest Holder,
    Thank your for your feedback. This is the concept that I just reviewed and made change. Hopefully, you will like it! Thanks! #76
  • I like this but prefer a font similar to those in your other designs
  • I like the idea, but looks a bit like a tennis club logo