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Winning design #146 by Rocky30, Logo Design for The Groom Box Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Rocky30

Project description

I am starting a new company and need an amazing logo! I am going to be selling high end groom and groomsmen gifts. However, our target audience is 65% female, 35% male. So I want something that is soft and beautiful but still pleasing to a male audience. O really want to play up a DIY/personalized feel. Variations can include "TGB" or the full name The Groom Box. The main color for the company is a pastel green -- although we have not finalized the CMYK values. The logo may dictate this. We are also open to blue and purple.

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  • Hi CH, Could you please provide few answers: 1. Would you like to have logo made out of typography/font only or you would like to have a sign next to it too? 2. Could you please tell me would you like it to be in one color only, or we can use few colors? 3. Could you please provide some examples regarding look and feel you like? 4. Do you like combinations of font and signs? (for example instead of 2xo in groom, can we use bow tie?)
    • 1. Simple is probably best, so we don't need a sign. See some of my other comments, I definitely want something that feels personal, light, fun, DIY. 2. a few colors is fine as long as it is not very busy. 3. Examples: Quicksilver logo I like the "pacifico" font, something with a little vintage feel: 4. I am good with a combination, but don't want it to be too cheesy. So subtle is best. Thanks!

    • Thank you for your answers, It is very helpful. I will work on a concept today based on your comments an my questions and feedback you provided to other designers.

  • Like how you made a box out of the "o" -- otherwise we are moving away from icons (bowtie, etc). Not a fan of color or font.
    • Hi Matt Thank you for the rating and feedback. These were made before you mentioned moving away from the icons. So i kept the box you seem to like, read your new brief/preferences regarding color and typography and came up with three concepts. Please take a look at #57, #58 and #59. Thanks Andrei

  • Dear CH, please be so kind and check my entry #54 I hope you will like it. Best regards
  • Please check this out #50 . Please let me know your thoughts.
  • OK! My latest #42 is the same font but I removed a bit of the height slightly so I could create the interlocking rings in a balanced way. Let me know what you think about it. :) Thanks again... Dina
    • In #43 I was able to use the same height font and added the interlocking rings. Hope you like them both. I will be waiting for any other adjustments you and your partner may like to see. :) Thanks! Dina

  • I like it but something doesn't feel 100% to me (can't oplace my finer on it) but my biz partner may like it as is. I am going to keep ranked high until we get to look at it together. I do really like all your work though. Thank you.
    • Thanks! maybe the "G" and "B" are too tall? And I can try the "rings" in same green as Groom if you like?

    • We can probably hang off until I get to speak with my biz partner. I really like 41. Thank you. If there is anything else I can do alleviate any issues, please let me know.

    • No worries at all. :) Would you like me to try a version with the linked "o's" in the latest version? It is a bit hard because of the height of the font...but I will make it happen so you can see that version too if you like? :) Thanks!

    • That would actually be awesome!

    • Ok! Hang tight and will submit as soon as Im finished. :) Im having a blast! LOL.

  • Really liking this, can you do this same version using the font from #11, but the same colors as this one.
    • I sure can! Glad you are liking my designs. :) Considering this is a contest website I do ask you for a favor. It is truly unfair to ask other designers to copy or borrow my specific design concepts. It does make it difficult to create the perfect logo for you when others are using the same ideas I personally came up with. Im sure you understand! :) Thanks for all your feedback and I am working on the changes as we speak. :) Thanks! Dina

    • Totally! Sorry about that, first time using the site so I am feeling this out as I go. Makes total sense.

    • I really really appreciate it! problem is I am already noticing others using my design, as far as colors, location of the word "the", etc. I knew you would understand. :) Problem is I am going to have to start reporting other similar designs and I hate to do so. :(

  • I really like this but it is going to be a bit to "feminine" for my business partner -- he wants a few more straight lines.
  • Great! Would it be possible to see one more version with a different shade of green (something like 11) and also a version with "The" above "groom" and "box" underneath? Thanks!
  • Very interesting, can I see it with "the" and "box" somehow more seamless with the "Groom" part? Also, we don't need the tie. Thanks!
  • CH, Please see my first updated version, #36. I look forward to any other feedback you may have to offer. I included many of the changes requested within this logo. :) Dina
  • Another one of our favorites. - remove "tail" on O - interlock "o's" - Again see recent comment for more details!
    • you got it! will make all proper changes for you and submit in just a few. :) thanks for all the helpful feedback! :) Dina

  • We also like the grey colors for "the" and "box" in this treatment as well.
  • Like the font for "groom" and "box" but want to move away from icons and add some touches to make this look a bit softer overall.
  • Yet another one of our favorites. Like the green color the most. Again, see recent comment I made to entire group for details.
  • Not a big fan of the realistic rings, but like the sentiment. It should be more subtle.
  • One of our favorites. Like the interlocking "o's" but would want it to match the font. See recently added comment for more details
  • Moving away from icons.
  • Like the font, if we added a few additional elements (see comment/note) I added. We are moving away from any icons, like the tie.
  • Like this for "TGB" although the bow tie looks a bit like a carrot so it would not work.