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Winning design #150 by avenger1020, Logo Design for The Herb Center Contest
Gold Medal

designed by avenger1020

Project description

The Herb Center  - A Cannabis Superstore in Beautiful Bend Oregon USA, is looking for a new logo. The Herb Center was Established in 2010 and is Central Oregon’s oldest most experienced and trusted medical and recreational cannabis dispensary. 

The Herb Center is now looking to update their logo from the current classic medical (green cross) looking logo to a more minimal, modern and apparel friendly logo/design.

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  • Hy thos is my entry

    any feebback will be very appreciated

    thank you #219
  • I hope you like it #213
  • Hi Contest Holder I’ve created a logo design for your project. I created it with my imagination and my creativity, but I don’t know what you want if you don’t tell me through comments and rating. So, please rate and comment it, I’ll be very happy if you want to give me feedback so I can improve,nearer with your taste. Look forward to hearing from you. Best regards #212
  • waiting for feedback #211
  • @Elev8 Digital . hope you like this one. thanks #207
  • The design inspired with berb and medication #202
  • Please check my entries at #200 #201
  • About #198, @ThemesClouds


    kindly check the design and let me know any changes

    Thank you
  • Hello!
    Please, check my work #160, thanks
  • Let me know what you think.Your like this idea? #195
  • Please give your feedback for submitted design, as still I working on your project, so if you have any specific requirement please let I know so I can incorporate on rest of design on which I working for you. #194
  • Difference between them in main color and some other little things, you will see it in layouts.
    If you do not like the text, I'll replace it with the correct one or send me the text that you need to add. #193
  • T-shirts design on the body #192
  • Hi,
    First of all, I want to thank you for message.
    some of my new ideas
    I read your wishes for design and make some correction in this t-shirts. Also I correct some elements in design of T-shirts.

    I hope my works will be interesting for you and your company.
    Best wishes! #191
  • Pls let me know which design you like. #185
  • Hi,
    In the logo, I show in the logo the health, quality and style. Therefore, the main color was chosen green, warm sunlight. This new logos are designed in such a way that they will read and look good in black and white. Also, logos will look good on the site, as well as on various kinds of printed products or clothes #184
  • I know, you want a good design from I.. but, I wanted to create something individual, which exactly conveyed your different interpretations of the boots
    Thank you. #183
  • Hi,
    This my new ideas.
    I think this design look a kinda cool!
    It is important for me to understand that we are moving in the right direction.

    Let me know what you think about it. #182
  • I painted this relief. We do not see clearly the mountain, but learn and know them by our feelings. I really hope that you will like these design.
    I hope my works will be interesting for you and your company.
    Best wishes! #174
  • I used new font.In my opinion, it is a good idea.The new design has a non-standard shape, which makes it special and memorable. #173