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Winning design #149 by 3B-Designs, Logo Design for The Honey Lantern Contest
Gold Medal

designed by 3B-Designs

Project description

Restaurant serving healthy yummy food that is either locally grown or organic and cooked in house, needs a logo.  The restaurant will start as a food truck and grow to a chain of drive thru restaurants with an inside and possibly patio sit-down option.  Slogan is Fast + Healthy + Fresh.  I would like to see examples of the logo with and without the slogan please.

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  • About #154, @thehoneylantern I removed the lantern but no idea how to post the image now. Anyway I will gladly adjust the logo to finalize your preferences.
  • About #154, @thehoneylantern I removed the lantern but no idea how to post the image now. Anyway I will gladly adjust the logo to finalize your preferences.
  • This is a hand sketched and digitalized lettering logo. Authentic like your products, hand crafted like your food, dynamic like your food trucks. I can leave it this way that one can see the traits of hand writing which makes this logo one-of-a-kind, or I can make it smoother to look more classic, if you wish. #154
    • About #154, @bikiviki I love, I apologize for just now getting back to you. I like how fun it is, and knowing it was hand drawn makes it that much better. If there's time, can I see it without the bucket? It's important to have a one color option, and I'm not sure how well the bucket would translate.

    • @thehoneylantern Oh I'm so happy you like it! I will remove the bucket asap.

  • I think the gradient is too hard to replicate in things like screen printing and embroidery. #170
    • About #170, @thehoneylantern i can work on in to make it more simple to replicate. thank you

  • Hi there,
    Kindly check our entry and give your comments.
    Best Regards,
    Irfan Grpahic #198
  • Hello there CH ! Would you like to have any last minute revisions on any of my designs ? I think almost all those designs will be easy to replicate in things like screen printing, embroidery etc with no gradients and not too many colors being used. Anyways I'm ready to do any changes that you would like to have before the time runs out ! Wish you a great day ahead !

  • much better. If there's still time, can I see this without the symbol in the "o"? #172
  • I've decided the font is too thin to make a good sign that's easy to read. I'm sorry, I really do think this one is beautiful. #46
  • please check and rate #190 thank you
  • Hello CH..
    Its my work for you
    Hope you like.
    Thank you #184
  • I request you to be original in your work. Most of the designs posted here by you really looks similar to design #150 and #149. Try to be unique in your own ways. A contest holder liking a particular design doesn't mean that the other designers should copy and make designs based on that design. Hope you understand. #163
  • I think the "the" should be smaller here. :) But i like this a lot! #124
    • About #124, @thehoneylantern
      Hi; Thank you for the appreciation . i'll try to work on it..:)

  • The handwritten logo on a food truck. I made the yellow color brighter, so that it catches the eye of your clents, but of course it depends on the color of the truck and I can adjust it #157
  • HI this is my idea , i wish you like it . #156
  • About #155, @thehoneylantern, this is my another original concept, with custom font
  • hope you like it #151
  • Gold colored ring #150
  • Minor changes from the previous one #149
  • Waiting for your valuable feedback on this one #148
  • Another exemple. #141