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I couldn't be happier with the design and service I received from Mahdiduri. He read my brief carefully and came up with several designs that conveyed everything I wanted my logo to say and embodied everything wonderful about my brand. The quality of his designs were outstanding and always standouts among the hundred of entries I received for my logo contest. They only difficult part was narrowing down of his many excellent entries! After choosing him as the contest winner, Mahdiduri was easy to work with, incredibly accommodating and happy to fine tune my logo for the full week it took for me to finally decide. A true professional, I'd be happy to work with Mahdiduri in the future and there is no doubt I will!

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Winning design #160 by mahdiduri37, Logo Design for The Hospital Doulas Contest
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designed by mahdiduri37

Project description

I am looking for a logo as well as a character design to be featured throughout my website to simplify the process of using my service, be a quick visual to get ideas without having to read a lot, to illustrate playfulness and fun in a serious health related service, and for immediate brand recognition to remember me while they are searching many options. It was recommended to me here that I start with a logo design contest. I'm not 100% sure if I want this character as part of my logo or not! I think I do at this point. The character I am looking for is a "smart looking ostrich" probably mostly the face as their expressions to evoke various feelings are most important to me. My profession is unknown or misunderstood by most people so I will include more explanation than normal to give you a better idea of what I'm going for. 

I am a modern, professional, certified birth doula educated to a very high degree for my field. I have recently added as childbirth classes to my services. Since this occupation has been most associated with "hippies" or "out there  - like birthing in a bathtub" I want to convey that my doula services are for smart expectant parents, planning a hospital birth but still want to have it be as personal as possible. My clients are looking to have someone with them who can bring all their knowledge and experience into labor and delivery - where hospitals can often times be overbearing they want someone able to advocate for them when difficult decisions need to be made when they are in the intense parts of their labors. They want someone to count on to protect them from anything unnecessary or harmful and keep them as comfortable as possible with or without pharmaceutical pain relief.  In the end I will have taught them in prenatal visits many specific ways to make decisions and advocate for themselves but I'm there to support, inform, educate, provide comfort measures and most of all, continuous labor support, which has be clinically proven to be incredibly effective in lowering c- section rates and other other interventions, as well as acting as an actual pain reliever. When women feel safe and listened to, in experienced hands, they have more positive experiences regardless of actual outcomes. -Doulas are not medical, (not a midwife), but we are experts in the process of labor, emotional and physical as we spend entire labors with women and are attune to their changing needs. Potential clients usually view multiple doula websites, contact and meet 2 or 3 for in-person complimentary interviews. Once hired, the doula has meetings in the couple's home to educate & prepare them for the birth. The doula will accompany them to any hospital that they are delivering at and become part of the birth team along with their partner. 

I attract high end, professional women who want to know, like many other things in their lives, how to do this right! They typically are pregnant, have done so much googling and researching online, that they become confused and fearful so they are looking for someone to assist them in doing their births well, whatever that means to them. As a modern doula I am as unbiased (as possible), nonjudgemental and inclusive. I am an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor. My services are at the higher end of the fee scale. So I'm looking for MODERN, UPSCALE, TRANSPARENT, SIMPLE, PROFESSIONAL, KNOWLEDGABLE, CAPABLE in my logo but given the nature of the work and who I am I'm also looking to convey WARMTH, GENUINENESS, AN INCREDIBLE SENSE OF HUMOR, & TRUST. 

I am changing my business name from Modern Mother Doula Care to The Hospital Doulas. So you can see how I need to balance the "cold" of the hospital with the "warmth" of the doula. Most of my competition does flowery, soft, flow, bellies and hearts. I prefer more clear hues of color with lots of pigment & then ombre to a light hue of the same color. Simple lines, and something dynamic not passive. The possibility of including a tag line would probably be helpful -  Hospitals can sometime sound like the opposite of doula, cold, serious, impersonal, routine, medical - yet I'm including hospital in my name to combat the doula image of being hippyish and not professional - and 99.5% of my clients choose hospitals over birth centers or home birth.

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