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We would like a fresh new Logo for or website ( and various media needs. We are open to all colors and fonts but would like it to blend with our current website. We would like the designs to be targeted to water/waves and or jet-skis. It is important to us to add the coney island logo "tillie" but it should not be the focus of your designs, For a reference point our old logo can be found on our Facebook page (Facebook/jettyjumpers) under profile pics.

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  • can you make this pop a little more?
  • I like Coney Island part, but would like the rest re-worked..I saw your other designs and thought they were very good
  • Maybe a script font, and a little more depth.
  • design incorporates double J as the trail of two jet skis slice through the water. above is a simplified Coney skyline, and the a text that works well with the character of Tillie.
  • cOLORED backgrounds are not allowed unless CH requests.
  • ok sir.. thanks for correction
  • We provide an urban jet ski tour of new york... No palm trees
  • Sure!
  • Like the logo overall. Font could use some sharpness. Add something with water/wave.
  • Dear CH, I have rebuilt the ConeyIsland main character for this contest ... I have also used a type face that resembles ActionSports, JetSking, Water, Splash! And the color scheme resembles Life, Fun, Sports, Action, Joy! Hope you like it. Best regards, -- jjy
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  • thanks for the feedback. also, check out my personal portfolio section of my profile.
  • dramatic revision of #13
  • can you make this stand out more.
  • Not sure if people will understand the water trail.
  • I used a generic NYC skyline as a representation of how the logo could look. It would be easy to incorporate any photo you like into the jet ski silhouette though.
  • The reason this has a gray background is to show you the texture on it. You can take the texture off just by a simple layer remove. Hope you like.
  • Tillie on scooter is just quick view, i can do him in better quality if you like to have him there, other design is without him
  • logo speaks the name "the jetty jumpers".