The Jewel Home Team

I absolutely love DesignContest! Not only was I able to get exactly the type of logo I wanted from Karl2013, but it was easy to review designs and request changes throughout the whole process. I really liked the ease of use and there certainly are a lot of amazing designers that compete in these contests, it was difficult to select one winner! But a definite thank you goes out to Karl2013 who worked with me a lot and took my suggestions for changes to really bring me the exact design I was looking for.

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Winning design #177 by karl2013, Logo Design for The Jewel Home Team Contest
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designed by karl2013

Project description

We are a new real estate team and have chosen the name The Jewel Home Team to advertise ourselves. We are a subset of Right at Home Realty Inc. Brokerage and we are continuing to use the main branded colour from the brokerage (it is a deep shade of purple - see the attached screen shot for the specific coding for the colour to this project). We are also looking to incorporate a deep red (like a wine colour) to complement the purple, but not to overpower it as it should still be the main colour used.

We cater to a clientele of middle class owners/buyers, so the design should be classy, yet not overdone. I also like the idea of playing off the words "jewel home" by incorporating something of a jewel into the design (I added a doodle I did once for you to see but by all means you do NOT have to use this, if you have a better idea, go with that because I'm not a logo designer).

For some background knowledge, we chose the Jewel home team name as a reference to the idea that we will make their home stand out like the "jewel in the crown".

I needs to be very easily readable though because some of our clients are more elderly and we need the logo to be recognizable, and easily seen even when it is a bit smaller (like on a business card).

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  • thank you very much for the feedback . please check my revision. i hope you like it
    thank you:) #177
  • Actually you know what, I like this original design better than the changes I suggested (but thank you for showing me how they would look). thing my partner mentioned she would like to see is this exact logo, but have the "The" shifted a tiny tiny bit to the right so there is a bit more space between it and the J.

    Thanks so much Karl! #78
    • About #78, @michele_a_caranci thank you for the feedback ma'am i'm working on it:)

    • About #78, @michele_a_caranci thank yopu very much ma'am for the highest rating:) any suggestion ma'am to improve my design?

    • @karl2013, Thank you for your wonderful design! I was wondering if I could see a version of that one with the "***The***" and "Home Team" parts in the grey again, but keep everything else exactly as it is because I love the rest (I'm just not sure if I like the red writing or the grey for that bit).

  • New and modern. #166
  • please check this one ma'am:) i hope you like it
    thank you:) #155
  • hello ma,am thank you very much for the highest rating:) kindly check my new entry i hope you like it
    thank you:) #154
  • Modern. #135
  • About whether the design is far from your expectations? Please, advice from you.#40, @halimpu_art
  • please coment.... #121
    • nice font :) original please:) @ockeltivez

    • nice font :) original please:) @ockeltivez

  • please check my revision ma'am:)
    thank you #123
  • please check my revision ma'am:)
    thank you #122
  • Dear CH, the 'J' is formed out of the diamond and the gray shade in the diamond reflects the jewel and the reflection of home. #118
  • i hope you like this one, thanks #115
  • please coment.... #113
  • please coment me.....
    :) thanks #109
  • kindly check my revisions ma'am i hope you like it
    thank you:) #102
  • hello ma'am he'res my revisions:)
    thank you:) #101
  • Hi there,

    Thank you for changing the red, it's definitely looking closer to what we want.

    Can you alter the font for the word "Jewel" a bit and the graphic of the house/jewel so it looks less chunky? I just think I would like it more if the lines for those parts were finer.

    Thank you :) #89
  • hello ma'am he'res my revisions
    thank you:) #100
  • Hi Karl1313,

    This is looking fantastic, could I see a version that has the words "the" and "home team" stand out a little bit more, maybe by using a slightly darker grey or making the font bigger? #78
    • About #78, @michele_a_caranci thank you very much for the highest rating ma'am i'm working on it:)

  • kindly check my new entry i hope you like it
    thank you:) #99