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Updated Design Brief (1/7/2017) - contest extended by 7 days
We had narrowed down upon a design that we liked most #214, and then created the following survey and requested 1000 responses which are available here.

Please look at the survey responses and submit designs accordingly! To clarify, we will be treating mostly adult patients. We would like the logos to appear more professional, yet be able to accomplish the goal of making patients feel comfortable with the doctors represented by our logo - thus the request for a kidney cartoon character.

We will finalize our decision after the 7 day extension has been completed! 

Finally, we have added awarding second and third place prizes.


We are looking for a logo for our company - we are a group of kidney doctors (Nephrologist) that would take care of patients with kidney diseases. We would like a cartoon mascot type character, in the style of a kidney (bean) cartoon. The character may be in a medical apron as well. Finally, the kidney cartoon should be smiling,

We would like logo's with and without the company name "The Kidney Experts" as well as with and without our slogan, "Kidney care is our specialty. Patients are our priority.". This logo would potentially be used on our website, on business cards, letterheads, signage on buildings, as well as on various social media platform.

Finally, would want a creative image to be utilized for icon purposes (favicon & blavatar): - - The logo should be able to fit appropriately into the standardized square boxes used by facebook, G+, Twitter, and other sites.

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    • @Jervixj I like it. How would it look with a slightly smaller smile? I'm just curious to know. Or perhaps if his teeth aren't showing....

    • @shreemulay working on it now.. thanks

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