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Winning design #65 by jasonstanfort, Logo Design for The Kilted Monkey Contest
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designed by jasonstanfort

Project description

I am needing a Kilted Monkey character logo for our Pub & Grill. I think we would like a very cartoonish smiling monkey holding his mug of beer with "The Kilted Monkey" and "Pub & Grill" incorporated in the logo HOWEVER, be creative and daring. We prefer the monkey to be standing and the kilt needs to have a plaid style pattern with the sporran.

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  • The Monkey definately has to be wearing a Kilt!
  • The monkey should have something one for sure or we can design him with no outfits?
  • Do you require that the monkey seems Scottish? Or is just a kilted monkey? thanks Jason
  • Spelling is wrong. A little more color in the lettering and a plaided kilt
  • I can't remember if I said darker brown monkey as well.
  • The longer tail w/ Pub and Grill is better than the short tail. Also, add a sporran to kilt.
  • We ar looking for friendly cartoon monkey(more of a character) standing in a kilt w/ sporran.
  • This is on target for what we are looking at. Changes: Lettering in red with black outline? More of a plaided kilt? Any options on the berr stein? Thanks
  • I just uploaded #7 with the monkey smiling.Hope you like it.. best regards
  • I want a monkey that is more characterized,(hands, feet, etc.) He has to be wearing a kilt.
  • I would rather have a monkey that is standing and happy amd a little more flair to the kilt, not intoxicated.
  • I definately need a cartoon character monkey.
  • Yeah sure I'll fix the arm and hand and what font style are you interested in? And can I upload the fixed design from another account cause I can't submit anymore designs from this account. Best regards
  • The monkey need to be the main focal point instead of the beer mug but we know what you were shooting for.
  • we like these. We would like a different lettering style and is it possible to do something with his left arm and hand. it's kind of hard to make out.
  • I just uploaded works #27 #28.Hope you like it..Feedback please.Best regards and good luck
  • Dear CH, I've just add my new entry #25 . Please keep rate my design beacuse it was my last entry that I can add. Thanks, Nadav
  • @Jason. I ran the last ones up past the 30 so try again. I really need the "Hookem" sign with that thumb hand. Is that possible?
  • I designed another one, I took off the the thumbs up, and I put another beer. But I can submit it. thanks jason
  • well rustymassey, I thinkk the company didnt hear you, I can sumite any other, the problem still. I dont understand, so if a customer want a logo, why a designer can show him why he wants. I think I have to talk with them again Thanks Jason