The Law Offices of Kell A. Simon

Great, collaborative experience. Thanks so much to all of the designers who submitted designs for our logo. We will definitely use DesignContest again if we need further graphic design.


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Winning design #98 by eximius123, Logo Design for The Law Offices of Kell A. Simon Contest
Gold Medal

designed by eximius123

Project description

a logo for a new solo practitioner law firm. here are some websites whose designs/logos i like: (I LOVE THIS WEBSITE) Also look at the McKenzie Law logo that I uploaded. If anyone can come up with anything this cool and creative I'd be so happy. 1920s/1930s print graphic style? FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT BOOK DESIGNS - ESPECIALLY RED ON CREAM COLOR! (see uploaded designs) Also i tried to adjust the sliders to more modern, more luxury, and more playful. Also a bit more minimal. The adjustments did not stay, but that is the direction we're trying to go. Thanks!

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  • can you do this in a few different colors, including all black?
  • i like the way this looks, but i think it's a little too yoga studio for a law firm.
  • not feeling the hexagon.
  • i like the way this looks, but i'm afraid the letters are too thin to look good on letterhead and/or a website.
  • Can you modify the logo to somethign less handwritign and curby - The font of the name is intriguing - not sure if i like that the law offices part is not centered but maybe
    • Hello CH, Thank you for the feedback. I've prepared two new versions of the logo - #23 and #24. Let me know your thoughts. Best regards, Iridith

  • the s looks a bit too much like a snake, which my wife will be scared of!
  • thicker letters on this one too? also, not crazy about the blue and grey colors. like the black and white better.
  • maybe a thicker font on the letters? they're feeling a bit spindly.
  • not crazy about the shield shape.
  • For everybody - can we see some chunkier fonts like the one Design #11?
  • Would it be possible to make the logo into an oval or other shape - because it looks too mcuh like my former firm's logo - ?
    • good morning CH... Thank you very much for the great message. i uploaded my latest design.. thank you CH...

  • no gradient fonts
  • also too chunky
  • too chunky
  • logo part is too blocky and boring. Letters are nice - especially like the lines to the sides of "the law offices of"
  • Don't like the kell a simon attorney part (although the font is fine - it's more that the pointy thing that points to attorney seems weird) but kind of like the thin and elegant aspect of the KS part
  • no swooshes
  • GoodDay geni1 please tell more. about what you want in your logo. add a little detail thankyou -menggo
  • The double line around the square seems a little stodgy. Looking for somethign cleaner and more modern, less old style law firm.
  • We don't want anything with columns or scales of justice or anything too typically lawyer.