The Lifestyle Therapy Clinic

I'm very happy with, I had almost 150 entries for my guaranteed $275 contest. Many of the entries began to become clones or reworkings of entries about which I had posted favourable comments. I changed the brief to request original designs only and I had a much more varied and original response. Overall, I suppose, you always get what you pay for and for this type of money you will get an acceptable entry-level logo that will tick most of the boxes - fine for a regular business.

$275 paid

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Winning design #125 by pujanggalangit, Logo Design for The Lifestyle Therapy Clinic Contest
Gold Medal

designed by pujanggalangit

Project description

Guys, Please no more crosses, I have enough crosses, blue or otherwise, now. If you could showcase ORIGINAL designs on White Background that would be great.

 The Lifestyle Therapy Clinic helps people who are suffering with problem habits and addictive-like behaviours to find freedom from these destructive habits.

I want a strong, trustworthy, established logo that also conveys the meaning of the words 'lifestyle therapy clinic'
Colour: #045ed1  Optional, as part of design, or not included at all. You decide.

The logo will be primarily for website, signage, business cards.
Please Note: Please include all four words: The LIFESTYLE THERAPY Clinic.

I don't like sharp edges, arrows or pointy bits in the logo.

Also, please show your designs on a white background.

Thanks to all.

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  • About #160, @donang Hi, thanks for your entry, Please see brief.
  • please review for this one sir #147
  • About #141, @KoArba Please see brief, thanks
  • Hi, thanks for your entry. Just to remind you, please no sharp points ( see brief). Thanks. #140
  • Hi, thanks for your entry. Just to remind you, please no sharp points ( see brief). #136
  • Logo idea. Hope I'm on track. Good luck #139
  • Guys, I think I have enough of the blue crosses now. If you could showcase only ORIGINAL designs on White Background that would be great.

    Go for it!
  • About #113, @makri Excellent, thanks.
  • About #125, @pujanggalangit Excellent, thanks
  • About #36, @superbeam Hi , thanks for your design, can you please include all the words? The LIFESTYLE THERAPY Clinic. Also can you show a white background for your design. thanks
    • Hi @Scannan, please feedback my new revision #118

  • new idea please feedback thank yao #98
  • About #86, @Scannan
    just sketch/concept
  • next. #76
  • any feedback, Sir? #75
  • Revision #74
  • About #71, @YDesign99 Hi thank you for your design, I like it, it's very clever. However, I don't like sharp edges and points. Can you do an alternative? Thanks
    • @Scannan Okay, thank tou for feedback. I will try it :)

  • About #70, @CHart Thanks, This looks very good. If you want to work further you can try another similar image in the cross that doesn't have sharp points.
  • About #60, @jamalaka Can you make the cross have 4 equal sides?
  • About #66, @CHart Hi, I really like the icon. Can you make the cross all blue and show some more options for the lettering? Thanks