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Winning design #88 by juuannpa, Logo Design for The National LGBT Foundation Contest
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designed by juuannpa

Project description

We need a logo and a favicon for a The National LGBT(Lesbian, Gay, BiSexual, Transgender) Foundation. The National LGBT Foundation was created in Kansas City and has midwestern roots but a national prescence. It is a donor advised foundation which offers the opportunity to create an easy-to-establish, low cost, flexible vehicle for charitable giving as an alternative to direct giving or creating a private foundation. Donors enjoy administrative convenience, cost savings, and tax advantages by conducting their grantmaking through the fund. The logo needs to be crisp, cutting edge and professional. We want to steer clear of the rainbow and gender symbols. This should be an attractive symbol/logo to a couple or individual who is a successful entrepreneur, executive or professional that is about 50+ years old. Many of the participants are high net worth investors with investment accounts of more than US$500,000. We want to be modern, but also refined and very professional.

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  • Hi Jason, Added more options #149 and #148 (same concept with few tweaks). I appreciate your feedback :) Regards,
  • Dear CH, About #48 The symbol is an element of a person in a semicircle, like as if the waves of the sea by raising both hands up, meaning: People in circle = People in foundation Half circle = Open to anyone Circle = Global Wave = Wave ripples usually does not come from one direction only, all people coming from all over the world are most welcome, regardless of race, religion, culture and age. Here are another option of my design #133 and #134... hope you will like it... Thanks
  • Hi CH I uploaded the update of the logos, thanks for the feedback, personally I see great ... I updated the # 88 with white background and I have the combination you asked me about the # 1 and # 88 .. I hope your comment. Thank you very much!
  • Dear contest holder, I have revised my entry #123 and added the "L" per your request in entry #126. I have also added a sample of what the favicon would look like IN DIFFERENT VERSIONS #127, #128, #143, #142. Thank you for this opportunity!
  • Can you send this same one with just a white background? We want to make sure it can stand on it's own without any background. Thanks!
  • That dang heart is growing on us! We need to combine the best features of #1 and #88. Can you do the exact same background from #1 with the heart in the spotlight with the writing from #88 underneath the heart? That would be amazing. I love how you put the word National in that Blue. Looks great!
  • WOW... Cool idea! Thanks for the submission. How would we do a favicon of this. Can you separate the L from the two words too? Man, that just jumps off the screen!
  • Hey Gang... Really, you don't need to emphasize LGBT on this project. We're continuing to get submissions with a large font LGBT and they're getting deleted as fast as they come in. I think we've mentioned it a few times now. The emphasis on this project should be on the National and more importantly, the Foundation. Thanks much! We love all the great work we're seeing... Keep the good ideas coming! :)
  • Rotes... Thanks for all your effort and follow up emails! I appreciate it greatly!
  • I appreciate you spending the time to re-work this, but it's not terribly original. We've seen similar components from other submissions. We're looking for completely different submissions at this point. The submissions we get going forward that are expansions on ideas we've seen will probably be deleted.
  • This is too similar to some that we have already seen. Please submit something unique. THanks!
  • I'll call it a day about the LGBT FOUNDATION logo's. Had great fun with it. good luck with finding the right logo. maybe i'll add some more tomorrow. Greets
  • Thanks Rotes... I think we'll stick with your first submission. That was the best one!
  • Dear CH thanks for your feedback. I will try to improve it. Best regards Moimeme
  • We think the white background is better. My business partner has your #114 as his second favorite!
  • Much better... Thanks for the follow up!
  • Maybe it's because we're from Kansas City, but this reminds me of something from Hallmark Cards. That's not to say I don't like it. It's one of a few origials that we are looking at. Thanks for the great submission!
  • It's more about the FOUNDATION than it is about being LGBT.
  • Thoughts on #112 and #113 would be appreciated. Thanks MW
  • Sounds good... Keep the great ideas coming!