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Winning design #150 by c4sper, Logo Design for The Oily Tribe with Berit Contest
Gold Medal

designed by c4sper

Project description

My product is essential oils, gut health workshops, massage certification course.

I represent natural health and wellness; toxin-free living; health and wellness freedom; financial freedom; empowerment; wellness revolution
I am a scientist, holistic wellness educator; speaker; influencer; researcher; author; connector.

I am looking for brand recognition; clean clear strong design; based on the colours below that represent healing, a voice to present a new message and health and wellness wisdom. The specific Colours can be found here based on this:

I am open to a more compact design as well - especially important for as logo to IG - profile photo on FB etc. - so it fits into the square box. See this as an example

The design needs to represent strength, wisdom, truth, integrity, head and heart. Guidance of others to reach their potential.

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  • I am just running a voting comp in my FB groups etc - this is very much a front runner. Could I ask to change the grey to the old as in the one with the black t-short? And secondly change the branches all to Gold but have the T with the swirly line all in purple? Please #131
    • Hi, the contest has expired, so in this state I can’t submit any more. however, in case of winning we have many days for any changes. thank you very much for the feedback

  • please check #161
  • please check #160
  • Simple drop iconic simple logo design. #154
  • Hi, very nice, simple but effective, very elegant #144
  • love the t-shirt: could we try the script onits own as well with the T and the squiggly line in purple - so it could be used as a watermark on photos ? #131
  • Iconic and wordmark creative logo design. Please check this entry. #140
  • Hi, what do you think about this? The tree can be used in 2 or 3 different colors. Thank you! #131
  • love this . Well done. top left is my favourite script :) #99
  • Hi, I try with this font. Thank you #121
  • dear sir, please see my updated design #116, #117, #118 & #119. if you need any changes please reply me. #119
  • About #80, Hi, Sorry but I don't undestand, do you want a cartoon and fancy script font as the highest score logo? or more elegant and rounded font? Thanks
  • Hi, and thank you!! I tried with different fonts less scripts and more linear but round. I hope you like them, but if you're not satisfied I'll try it again. Thanks #99
  • such a clever idea with the drop from the leaf and the mortar - very sciency. Can you come up with variations of this - I would like to explore this concept a little more. #29
    • @mydoterra, thanks for your feedback. i am working on your comments, i'll submit update design ASAP.

  • thank you Kulay - I like your thinking. can we round off the branches at the end perhaps - more tapered - they just look too squared off??? #94
  • the tree is so much better - thank you for the amendment. Can we look at different fonts for the Oily Tribe - it's too script, too curved, fancy... hope that makes sense #80
  • Hi, what do you think about this? I tried to make it more rounder, trying to maintain the naturalness of the tree and leaving the natural asymmetry. Thank you #80
  • Hi...I hope you like it,Thank you.. #78
  • this looks like the drop is wearing underpants - no thank you
  • interesting and clever. not sure I like people in the design and it was something I think I mentioned in my brief #30