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Winning design #305 by edijhon2197, Logo Design for The OKR Academy Contest
Gold Medal

designed by edijhon2197

Project description

We need a logo for a new business called The OKR Academy.  OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. The company will provide training, coaching, and consulting services for businesses that would  like to implement OKRs and related methodologies to improve strategy execution.  The logo  ideally will have a modern and professional feel.  There is no need to use the company name in the logo. The logo needs to be recognizable and memorable. 

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  • Congratulations for being our winner!
    Can we see the dot in blue. Thanks. #404
    • @joe18 This contest is closed at the winner selection stage, what should I do? maybe you will get a change from me when you have chosen me as the winner :) Thank you, I'm waiting for further news from you.

    • @edijhon2197 Congratulations and thank you Can we see the logo with the got in blue rather than red. We may have some other request as well and will let you know.

    • @joe18 it's fine about the change you want. I have prepared for you. but I'm just waiting for your certainty and waiting for the announcement of victory, after that I can send your version changes after the handover. because this contest is closed, so I can only reply to messages from you. let me know if you have other questions !! thank you

    • @edijhon2197 Hi - can we see the logo with a blue dot instead of a red one? Congratulations on winning!

    • @joe18 Yes, of course . but I can only reply to messages from you. because this contest is closed at the winner selection stage, maybe you can contact the staff and ask them to choose me as the winner if you really like my logo. I'm just waiting for the notification that I am a winner, after that you will get some changes from me, that's fine :) thanks .

    • @joe18 hello? I can make changes for you, but this contest is closed, what should I do? what do you think ? is it possible we can do it after you choose my logo as the winner? I see, my logo hasn't been selected as a winner, did you see it?

  • @joe18 Good morning sir Joe, Hope you like my new entries, Have a nice day and stay healthy! #786
  • hello ? this my revision , please comment !! thank you #763
  • O presents a target or goal where K and R are arrows aiming at the target. K and R can also be defined as an increase in the results achieved. please check my design sir @Joe18 , thank you. #762
  • Can you do a version of this with the O representing a target #742
  • Can we see a version with the O representing a target. #422
  • Can we look at this with the O representing a target #630
  • Can we look at this with the O representing a target #259
  • okr logo please feedback thanks #750
  • simple logo...OKR #748
  • simple logo...OKR #747
  • simple logo...OKR #746
  • Check this. #743
  • Dear Contest Holder
    Hello! If you find my entries recognizable and memorable, please let me know if you interested to know the meaning of the shapes. Here I made some different look but still the same concept #734 , #735 , #736 , and #737 .
  • Logo simpel dan modern #727
  • Hello sir... how about this consept.. please check and give me feedback, if any revision about font, background or color, i'll ready do it.. thank you..
  • Please sir check this OKr lettermark creative logo design. #690
  • Please sir check this entry. #689
  • ACADEMY #685
  • This design, I made it simple, minimalist, and easy to remember, thank you #683