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Winning design #111 by Jobzz, Logo Design for The Opportunity Divide Project Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Jobzz

Project description

The objective of the Opportunity Divide Project is to help bridge the gap for anyone that has a dream or passion they are pursuing, where money is their biggest hurdle. Financial support is awarded through an application process and awards are distributed via grants and scholarships. This is a charitable organization and we'd like to see some designs with a bridge as part of the logo. Here are a couple of examples for inspiration:

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  • ciminosus instead of writing nonsense take up with something
    • Alright sorry I shall do it the official way. good day

  • hi CH, good day! i just posted entry#150, #152 hope to hear feedback from you. thanks
  • Nataliedavila, I see that you rated my design #129. Is there any feedback for the logo -- so I can tweak my design or create another version for you?
  • #114 is a vector taken from some other site and its first place ? and you eliminated mine and my friends original graphic designs...? Not sure how this site works anymore
    • what numbers did you submit? i eliminate the ones I don't like. that's how I work.

    • Ciminosus if you are 100% sure that the #114 is a clipart or something like this, you can report it. But please do it right and not in this place. In the top right of the entry appear a simbol where you can do it Thanks

  • New entry submitted #126. Please check & provide some feedback. Thanks.
  • I just submitted #129. Please rate me - I would love to hear your feedback! Thank you!
  • ALL -- If you spell the name of the company wrong you will be automatically eliminated. That is a very sloppy mistake.
  • Why was I eliminated? #101. Would like to know. Thanks. -
    • per the instructions, i am looking for a bridge as a part of the logo.

    • Well #2 was at the top of your choices for a while with no certain bridge just a line, therefore I assumed for example the people can form the bridge as the logo #101

    • yes, the people can form the bridge. your entry was just not good.

  • Can you please resubmit with the correct spelling?
  • Hello CH, Please check my first entry #111, Waiting for your feedback. Thanks.
  • Hello Seegor, your entries have a mistake #97 #95. It's "DIVIDE" not "DEVIDE.
  • Hello CH, I have submitted #99. I hope i'm going in the right direction. I will modify accordingly. Thanks, Paul
  • hi Ch, thank you so much for the rating. cheers :) best regards Junifer
  • Hello! I just submitted my first design #86. Please rate my design - I would greatly appreciate it. Hope you like it! Thanks!
  • you spelled the name wrong
  • stolen design
  • stolen design
  • give your valuable feedback about #79 and #80 , thnk u
  • Dear Contest Holder, I hope to receive feedback on #69 and #70. Emphasis on positive "opportunity" as the bridge, sorry I omitted the 'the' in the first entry,, but you can view it in #70. Bridge leads to ascending stairs. Text can be played with, or can remain stick and crisp. I would appreciate your thoughts! Thanks!
  • Dear CH, I've provided several versions of my proposal #52. The idea was to incorporate the bridge without being too graphical. It was suggested to me by the top rated design of yours, where the bridge is just a swoosh. I've decided to take a step further. Please, let me know if any modification is needed, it would be nice to get a feedback. Thank you!