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Winning design #128 by prosperous8, Logo Design for The Pool Factory Contest
Gold Medal

designed by prosperous8

Project description

We are looking to keep our existing logo but would like to have variations to it so that we can have responsive logos. Our main logo currently is diamond shaped so when we use it on small graphics/banners the font becomes blurry and hard to read. So what we are looking for is to keep the large version of our logo the same but create variations of it so that we can use it on mobile devices and smaller artwork. Here is a good example of responsive logo design:

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  • I suggest you take a good look at my last entry #156 and compare it to others of your favorites.
    As a Logo is more simplified and clear, looking more professional, It is more balanced, has better contrast and impact, better composition, It is easier to read, and overall is more carefully crafted in all details.
    Best of luck.
  • PLS CHECK #140
  • PLS CHECK #139
  • #135 hope you like it .. best regards
  • Can you make the text bigger and hang off the diamond a little bit. I want to be sure that the text will be readable when the image is small and used on a mobile device. #127
    • About #127, @vincent1
      ok. please check #128

  • Can you provide a 4th logo treatment with the text a little bit bigger and overlaying a bit more on the splash. #127
  • Love this! Can you put the splash behind the text. Also can you provide a smaller version similar to the bottom middle in entry #110. #112
    • About #112, @vincent1
      ok. please check #125

  • Also can you move this down a little bit and put the splash behind the lettering? #89
  • @vincent1 please feedback #124
  • Hi, Sir,.
    Please feedback my design,.
    Thanks,. #123
  • Hi, Sir,.
    Please feedback my design,.
    Thanks,. #122
  • Please Checkmy design,.
    Thank you,. #121
  • please give me feedback and please rate my entry. #120
  • I like the layout of the text. I think the next thing to do would be to see it more centered and how you would show it for the smaller display sizes. Any questions you have for me let me know ...i like where you are going with this. #101
    • About #101, @vincent1
      Thank you for your comments and appreciation. By the way, please see my new concept #112

    • About #101, @vincent1
      OK. Please check #114 and #113

  • The circle towards the bottom makes me dislike it. Can you remove the circle? #66
    • About #66, @vincent1 thanks for the comment on my design , I 'll fix the design according to your wishes ,.

  • Too drastic from our current logo. Read the brief. #97
    • @vincent1 I guess I stray away from the rest. Re-thinking my approach now.

  • Can you try doing something like this with our existing fonts? Or at least fonts that closely match the ones in the original logo? #82
  • i think the one on the bottom right is in the right direction towards what i am looking for. #101
  • This looks pretty good, can you make the text bigger in all of them, perhaps adding a dark blue behind it to make the yellow pop. #77
  • Hi guys, overall there are some interesting concepts that you guys have sent over. A few comments that I can provide are as such. It is extremely important that the font face stay the same or at least be extremely similar in the new designs. I am okay with adding a dark blue behind the yellow text to make it stand out better as the logo shrinks. There was one design with the "THE" changed orientation I really liked that because it helped to decrease the height of the text. Also another design where someone worked the "THE" into the "PooL" letters I liked that as well. I just wanted to provide that feedback since it has been hard to respond to everyones comments. Any specific questions please ask?