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We have been working for several years on this product. It will eventually evolve into a full skincare line but as of now, we have a face serum. Our active ingredient comes from years of research in an eastern european laboratory from a closed off country made up of growth factors and proteins from stem cells. We have a large group of high net worth individuals as clients for one of our other businesses and they have been using this product for two years now. We like a clean/sophisticated/classy/ exclusive look. This logo will be used in many different ways from being embossed on our bottles/secondary packaging as well as on our website and marketing materials. We want to be high end luxurious with a touch of science. We like the idea of using the name itself or some type of R by itself or a combination.

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  • Can I see the with the r in black and the area around it white with a black line circle around it? #231
    • @tylerbayer , well i will do the revision as you want .. but i can not send the revision because contest has expired ,,

    • @tylerbayer , maybe you can take the winner or extend the contest?

  • Please write a review on this design without hesitation

    Thank you #366
  • Mohon dicek tuan #348
  • is this font ok..... #336
  • please check this my design : #311 , #312 , #313 , #322

    if you need a change do not hesitate to contact me
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  • My proposal design 04 #307
  • Please check my design,thank you. #301
  • Can I see this same exact logo but the circle around the r a little thinner #221
  • how about this one? #277
  • Hi, my name is David Williams and I am a Freelance designer based in the UK. Kindly review my design concept, for what I hope will become your new logo. I hope you like and will leave helpful feedback.
    Kind Regards David UK. #273
  • @tylerbayer
    Hi, please check my logo #266
  • Elegant. #264
  • I welcome your comments and feedback. Thank you. #263
  • Here I am attaching the first logo design for your company under the name "The Reserve.
    I would be very glad if you responded to the design I proposed to you. Your response is very I am waiting for the next change,
    thanks. #262
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  • Hallo CH. Please check to all my design. thank you :) #258
  • thank you for the feedback, please check my revision with times new roman and r in position around The Reserve #244
  • I made something new. more clean, luxurious and strong. i hope you like it. #226

  • hello, i have repaired the logo before. maybe this will get better. I hope you like.