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Winning design #167 by Qart, Logo Design for The Salt Rooms Contest
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designed by Qart

Project description

We need a logo design for our salt therapy rooms opening soon. Salt therapy rooms simulate the micro-climate found in natural salt caves and provide healing benefits for people with lung conditions, allergies and skin conditions. It is a natural healing treatment that can also boost the immune system.

We are looking for a clean and simple design. An image is not required, however if it is minimal and complimentary then that is OK.

See the attached document for examples that I like

Words that will come into play with our marketing are natural healing, Breathe, Health, Salt

**Please - no Pink**

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  • Can you try Natural Healing Therapy in grey please #185
    • About #185, @mirella - Yes Mirella. Please see revision #204, and also #205. Further on, if you have any concerns, I am sure that with any winning designer you select, you will get both logotypes with & without the tagline, as you wish (or any color you would like to have in your files).
      Kind regards

  • Hello Mirella! Please see my latest revisions. Look WORK #197, #198 (a different font)
  • i hope you like it. #190
  • Hi could you play around with the way natural healing therapy is written please. Maybe something like 107 and 167. Maybe a lighter blue as well? Thanks #161
    • About #161, @mirella - Hello Mirella! Please see my latest revisions regarding tagline and it's color - #185, #186, #187, #188 #189. Let me know if you need anything else.
      Best regards

  • Hi Could you try this one with Natural Healing Therapy underneath. Thanks #124
  • Hi could you try this in a lighter blue colour please? Thank you #101
  • Revised Edition with colors..If you don't want this will eliminate colors..and previous design may be conisdered because of color constraint. #174
  • ->Highlights.
    ->Simple design
    ->Meets the requirement specifications.
    ->Design is like a Room and the Surrounding are the beneficiaries. #173
  • @mirella =) #171
  • Hi can you try this one again without natural healing therapy underneath. Thanks #161
    • About #161, @mirella - Of course Mirella. Here is revision without tagline - #168.
      Kind regards

    • @mirella - Hello Mirella, I have submitter another design proposal #170, a salt crystals as golden ratio shell. If you have any suggestions or requests for revision, feel free to let me know. Kind regards

  • Do you have any feedback for #158?
  • Hi can you try this one again with out natural healing therapy underneath. Thanks
  • Can you try this design with Natural healing therapy underneath text. Thanks
    • @mirella Hi Mirella, thanks for the feedback and rating. #167 is the revised logo with the added subhead. Feel free to ask for any further changes. Thanks!

  • im presenting a few different approaches to a base that i've worked out with the inspiration from salt crystals and the symbol of a spa centre or a meditation temple ;) #163 #164 #166 on #165 I've added two temples beside the main one, an idea to present the plural version of "Rooms".
    if you like the approach, but want a different font or some changes please let me know asap as i'm in between travels and i would like to finish it before deadline. thanks @mirella :)
  • Hi. Could you please try the text like #88 and #152, with natural healing therapy underneath and one without it. Thanks #55
    • About #55, @mirella - Hi Mirella, please see revision #161.
      I have upload one of mine previous designs, but different text layout #162, maybe you will find interesting.
      If you need anything else, please let me know.
      Kind regards

  • Logo presentation #160
  • Logo #159
  • Minimalist and modern, a hint to the Icelandic geysers. #158
  • wow.. 7 more days! and i thought i was in a hurry ;) so my design is #151 , check it out and let me know what you think :)
  • sdr
    please check and rate my design #60