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Winning design #90 by arthaseek, Logo Design for The Salt Studio    halotherapy + spa Contest
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designed by arthaseek

Project description

We provide holistic health treatments, specifically salt room therapy (halotherapy) and salt-based massage and skin care treatments. We're all about the healing benefits of salt- not any ordinary spa!

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  • Hi! I've submitted #11, #14, #15 ... all different styles to get some idea about which direction you'd like to take. #14 features 3 salt crystals & #15 features 3 salt lumps. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see improved on any of the designs. Thanks!
  • Please review and comment on my submission #1 if you have time. I immediately thought of the salt rock globes that I have when I saw the name of the company.
  • DEAR CH, Sorry to upload this design ,please eleminated 54# , THANK YOU
  • Dear CH, Please check my new design #53. Thanks for the positive feedback. regard, maxie!
  • Hi CH, I have added another entry #46 in the warmer colours. Kind regards, Liz
  • Good morning, leone3. In #51, I've reworked #39 in cool, beachy spa colors with black/gray wording. In #52, I've used more earthy tones. I've also shown a small grayscale representation on each so you can see how the design would work for B&W print ads. If you have any specific color preferences, I'd be happy to show the design with those. Please let me know if there's anything else you'd like me to try. Thanks for the positive feedback!
  • Hi, I worked on my design. Check out entrie #48 and #49 .
  • hello ch, Please check my entry #47 and #45, hope you like , Thanks
  • Hi, thanks for your feedback. I will think about it and add a new design a little later. :)
  • I like the stick figure but not the globe graphic or rainbow letters. Can you try a different logo and not use the multi-colors?
  • sorry to go back on this, but I think the other font was a better fit for the 2nd line. Can you try another similar one using Halotherapy + Spa? And what about playing around with the colors? Thinking about how this will look in black & white print ads. Maybe black for the wording?
  • I really like this font and design. Do you think you can fit in some kind of kid element?
  • hello ch, Please check my entry #45, i use handwriting font and i make sun in my logo,hope you will like ,Please let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see. Thanks
  • Dear Leone3, Here are my first entries #40, #41, #42, and #43. I was thinking sea salt and driftwood when I created them. I can change the colours to anything else you would like to try. I didn't add a kid friendly image yet, thought the seaside theme might just be enough, but will work on one. Kind regards, Liz : )
  • Hi leone3! Thanks for the specific feedback ... that really helps us tweak our designs to the direction you want. I've submitted #38 with the sun moved to the "o" in Halotherapy and #39 with a handwritten font to emphasize kid-friendly. Please let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see. Thanks!
  • we like the font and the bottom dsign's stick figure, but not really the yellow globe
  • can you try warmer colors, a different font and add a kid element?
  • we like the font but not the rainbow
  • also please try a different font for the bottom line
  • too masculine for us