The Sheepfold sheltering abused women and children

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Winning design #153 by DRGO, Logo Design for The Sheepfold sheltering abused women and children Contest
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designed by DRGO

Project description

We are looking to rebrand our non-profit Something that holds to our Christian values, is simple, however at the same time conveys what we do. We provide transitional living for women with children that have experienced abuse or homelessness. We are primarily a Domestic Violence shelter and the color of DV awareness is purple. We want something clean and simple that catches your eye. It would be great to have a cross in the image or words. Also if we can stay away for the image looking like a church that would be great! The other thing we need to be careful of is looking like an animal shelter, are name already presents problems and if the logo has animals in it we will most likely have more callers and questions. Thank you so much for your efforts in helping us reach those who are abused and broken.

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  • Lau
    Dear CH, I designed entry #14, my daughter (5 years old) and me took a photo of our hands creating a "house" and almost like we were praying together, then she stayed next to me while I was converting to a logo, she help me choose the colors and until she liked it and gave me the "ok mama, I love it" I couldn't stop! It was a great experience, even though I had to answer lots of questions about sheltering and abuse. She understood it was important. I want it to share this with all of you because it was very emotional. Thank you for this opportunity. Laura
  • Dear CH, I had uploaded #11 & #12 . Please let me know if you need any alterations. your feedback is much appreciated. thank you.
  • dear kelly1 please cek #23 hope you like, give the improvement concepts, to make better. gbu
  • let me know what you think about my design #51 tell me if you want me to add something extra to it like an icon or something...
  • Dear Kelly, I have submitted my first entries here: #42 #43 #44 #45 #46 . Any change please dont hesitate to ask. Thank You, Regards, Catarina
  • Can you try a different font for The Sheepfold and drop sheltering abused women and children
  • Hi kelly1... please give your opinion about my designs... #15 #17 and #18 Is there any change you want? please let me know... thanks
  • Lau: Thank you for sharing, your design is very original and sweet. I am not sure if it is the direction we are going in but we do appreciate the story that goes along with it very much!
  • we are looking for something a little more subtle. We are not a church however this logo would lead me to beileve we were. we are wanting to convey what we do through an image with our name. Naybe you could try a new approach?
  • Ideasstudio: if you could make the houses look less like churches that would be helpful
  • Hello again, I have submitted some new butterfly designs, I have some with more realistic looking butterflies, and then two versions of the hand butterflies, let me know if any suit your taste :) Victoria
  • This also looks like a church logo and it's a little flat, I am not sure how else to explain that I like the font a lot!
  • this looks like a church logo and we are trying to stay away from that any other ideas?
  • to much like a church
  • love the idea of the butterfly but the silhouettes are a little outside of the direction we are going in could you give me something a little more abstract? also is there any way you could place a cross somewhere to indicate our Christian foundation?
  • Hello, First of all thank you for your feedback, i tryed some different fonts let me know what you think. Best regards Elijah
  • Hello #75 For this logo I really thought about the meaning behind The Sheepfold, you are giving these women not just a home, but a new beginning in life. So I thought the butterfly would fit perfectly for this message. If this a direction you would be willing to go in, I can adjust it in anyway for you. Sincerely, Victoria
  • Dear kelly, i have submitted more designs: #73 #72 #71 #70 #69 #68 #67. Hope you like it!! any changes to look better please request. Thank You. Regards, Catarina
  • Not sold on this font, I like the concept, love the "o" can you give us some variations on this?
  • this would be a great camp logo, I am just not sure if it gets our message across? Any other ideas?