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Winning design #65 by corto_malteze, Logo Design for The Sleeping Dog Contest
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designed by corto_malteze

Project description

The Sleeping Dog is a dog and pet supply store. We are looking to sell high-end, organic and raw foods, with as much Canadian product as we can get. We are also selling treats, toys and other canine needs. We are looking for a simple, clean, vintage logo, potentially with a slightly faded or "beach print" font. We might like a silhouette of a sleeping dog or something similar. Here are some that we like: We like the quiet, dark or warm colours, but are open to other simple colour schemes, for example, grey, orange, brown or green.

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  • Hey CH, my entry is #11. I just placed a random year for the banner (but it can be changed to whatever your company year was established) or can change to whatever text. I tried to give it a semi-grunge feel to make it somewhat vintage and also tried a silhouette of a sleeping dog. I also tried using a simple sans-serif font with the line effect on the background. Might try a second design with the dog inside an emblem. Let me know your feedback.
  • Hi, I'm not sure the additions to the "o" and the "g" are really a dog. Maybe we can actually add in a small dog or an item that is pet/dog related.
  • This is the best of the three you have submitted. I like the font, although it's a little too long (as in it seems stretched out). Also, is it possible to get a whole dog sleeping, rather than just the face and paw?
  • you are not allowed to use clipart or retrace existing art
  • all logos are required to be your own work, this dog was traced from this photo
  • I really like the dog in Number 7! Can we try a different font? This font is a little too "computery".
  • mockups not allowed in logo contests
  • Also, it would be really great if we could get a labrador in a logo!
  • Hi, I don't think we want a dog that is too "cartoony." For example, I like the bulldog sleeping. For number 2, could we try a less intense font? Something that is still vintage but a little simpler?
  • Hi CH, I have submitted #2 for your review.... thank you, DM
  • Hello thesleepingdog~ I created a couple logos for your consideration that are clean and simple. The logos feature a stylized black lab sleeping on a bed, and wearing a red bandana - items that could be found at your dog/pet supply store. One logo shows the sleeping dog dreaming of a favorite treat - a bone from your store. :) Hope you like the concepts: #25 and #26 Kind regards, PaintedPony
  • CH, Hey thanks for the feedback! After taking a look at what you said I went ahead and hand drew in the rest of the body. #23. This looks like one cozy lab if ya ask me. :) I also went ahead and made the pup a richer, higher value color to take away from the almost neon yellow effect. Will await any additional feedback you may have to offer. Thanks! Dina
  • I like the concept of how you've drawn the dog! Can we see a dog sleeping from the side (as in the dog is slightly curled up) in the same outline technique?
  • I really like this! Can we see a few different fonts? Is it possible to make the ears "floppier," as in hang a little lower? And the tail a little longer?
  • We really like the concept here! Can we clean up the silhouette of the dog's legs? Is there anything else we can replace the bottom ribbon with? Can we see a few different fonts?
  • CH, Howdy! Please see my entries #17 and #21. I wanted to follow the concept you want to see and added a hand drawn lab and kept with the color harmony you requested. I wanted to show you the logo in B&W as well considering you may have times where you need this color scheme. I also rotated the word "the" to form a more balanced and visually appealing design. Will await any feedback you may have to offer. Thanks! Dina
  • CH, hey there! Thanks for the rating on my latest designs. #46 please take a look at my newest entry. I added in a distressed museo font for you. Will await any feedback Thanks! Dina
  • Hi, Thanks for the entry, but I think the pup may be a little too faded.
  • Hi Yudha Thanks so much for the changes! I am really liking the logo, and know there is always flexibility around size of the dog + location once I'm happy with the actual design. Can we still try a few fonts? Like Museo?