The Slide Ranch

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Project description

the slide ranch is a race track for training and teaching dirt track motorcycle racing techniques. Please look at the Facebook page in Lillington NC. Because it’s called the slide ranch I think a ranch style design would be great but must involve motorcycle . I like badge Style logos

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  • Dear @Ibsaxman

    Thank you for your feedback again, and I have done to revised according to your request, please check my new design..
    thanks.. #119
  • The Slide Ranch Logo #116
  • This is really great any ideas for other colors. Please see my request on other revision #103
  • This is really great I like it alot, maybe a little less fill shadowing around the motorcycle and and logo but don’t remove all of it. Also is it possible to design it so the outside is round all the way around. Getting a sign made with a completely round sign is less expensive then custom shaped. But please don’t withdraw this because I like it alot #107
  • Can you all submit some designs with more colors. Please
  • Please do not withdraw your entries if I commented on your work it has potential to win
  • I like this it just needs more detail, maybe words underlined , a little more busy #64
    • Hello @lbsaxman, Thank you for feedback. please check my revision design #112. If any request please let me know. Thank you Regards,

  • lbsaxman ,

    Hello Ch ! Please review my design and provide some feedback.
    Thanks #108
  • thank you for your feedback again, and i have done to revised according to your request, more busy and details, please check..
    thanks.. #103
  • About #101, @pandaiweb could you add a tsr type emblem behind the words and bike in background like you have the downward stripes
  • The designer who had the logo that added diamonds to the logo was one of my favorites and now the design is withdrawn for some reason
  • Thank you all for your talents
  • I really like this but I like it to be round and have more detail, side marks on tire and boot . More busy looking this looks to plain for me , thank you #95
  • Can you come up with a symbol like the other designs to put in the logo also? #100
  • Please make it round and make the bottom symbol larger, #95
  • I like this but it needs more details, #64
    • Hello @lbsaxman, thanks for feedback. I will do it for you sir

    • Hello @lbsaxman, thanks for feedback. I will do it for you sir

  • Remove the circle around the rider and put a circle around the whole thing #85
  • I like this but no diamonds #85
  • I dont like the diamonds sorry #89
  • Circle around the entire logo and more detail like dirt #93