The Smoking Cabin

We have a logo now that our team likes. Thank you for following through and updating logo on request. Nice work. Thanks!


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Winning design #29 by intechnology, Logo Design for The Smoking Cabin Contest
Gold Medal

designed by intechnology

Project description

Create a logo that is both professional and eye-catching. I am open to a variety of concepts. The original logo had guns and skulls, which is cool, but may be a bit much. I want to see literally translations "The Smoking Cabin" and non-literally. Logo can depict a logo or not. I don't like logos that appear to be heavily illustrated digitally. We actually would prefer something that looks more loose, hand-drawn, sketched, and more tattoo like. The company name "The Smoking Cabin" must be incorporated into the logo, either abbreviated, full name or as the domain, "" The text must be hand-drawn, not a digital font that I might find on some free font site, "" or whatever. I want something 100% original, not a compilation of purchased stock images from iStock, ShutterStock or Vector stock. If any element is found to be stock, I will not accept the design. 

Also, I would like to see some type of Smoke Element. Since our company is The "Smoking" Cabin, I want to see some type of eye-catching smoke element, either in the background or twisted in with the main elements. "THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX"

Company: We are glass blowers that make beautiful custom glass pipes and other smoking accessories. Combining our hand-blown custom glass pipes with other exclusive novelty products, we offer a unique product line like no other. Our company is not corporate and we never plan to be. We are a group of friends who tries to not take life too serious and enjoy the moments we have. We are all passionate about art and creating beautiful products that people of all backgrounds can enjoy. Our products do not cater to a specific market or demographic.

Again, we would would like to see a more rustic look and not a super clean digitally illustrated logo.

Further questions, please ask. Thanks.

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  • the bear looks too angry. I like the sun glasses and cool bear. The bear should look more chill. Have you seen the Jungle Book Movie? Baloo the bear is a chill-ass bear that is a great concept. Also maybe the smoke can be less, not as much smoke. I am going to finish this contest and award you the Gold, but we need to refine the bear. Is that okay? We also need to work on the thing he is smoking. Here is a better example: #30
  • T-shirt mockup #30
  • How about this? 100% original.. #29
  • About #28, @intechnology We do like this logo however. Please provide 100% original versions of the bear in different styles, so we can finish this contest with a good result. Thanks.
  • About #28, @intechnology I understand you may have changed the artwork to some degree, but it looks just like this stock photo. This logo has to be 100% original. It took me all of 5 min. to find Vector Stock. I need the bear fully redrawn so it is 100% original.
  • Thank you for the directions.. Here's my revision. now a lil bigger face of the bear. Hope I did it right. Good luck #28
  • Same feedback on this one. Not sure what character that is. Looks like bear face, but a pig nose. I'm not feeling it. Sorry. #25
  • Thanks, but this doesn't read like a logo. Looks more like a graphic. #26
  • Cool! You did that quick. Can you make the bear face bigger? Maybe less of the body #27
  • Thank you for your feedback and directions.. Here's my design using bear. Hope I did it right.. Hope you like it. Good luck #27
  • Thank you for doing this. This really helps give a better idea about the concept. We are really liking this concept too.
  • This is kind of a random thought, but can you try a grizzly bear as the character instead of a Chimp? I am really liking the direction of this logo, however a Chimp has nothing to do with "The Smoking Cabin" We have discussed and we do like this logo, but I think a bear would be more fitting. #17
  • T-shirt mockup #18
    • @intechnology This is actually getting better. I like the circle more and the text. Looks kind of cool on the shirt.

    • @intechnology Thank you. anything I can improve let me know. Good luck

  • HI, contest holder,
    good night, have a great your activity ...
    please feedback, thank you

    Best reagards,
    hawari #23
    • @didinhawari I don't like the bottom shape, it would not work on shirts and other merchandise. Not sure I am into the hat.

  • Hi, contest holder,
    good night, please feed back, thank you.

    Best regards,
    hawari #24
    • @didinhawari I am going to review with my team and see if they like this one. I like the cirlce and text, just not sure I am into the skull and hat. Thanks.

  • Hi, Contest Holder,
    good night, hope you are good condition, and have a great your activity
    please feedback, thanks.

    best regards,
    hawari #22
  • I am liking this better. It reads as a logo, has smoke, the skull, etc. Do you have the ability to drop this on a shirt mockup and other merchandise? Just quick mockup so I can get a better idea? Thanks. #15
    • @ChrisC Thank you for feedback, I will make some mockups right now and uploud soon. All the best!

  • Here's my adjustments.. Hope you like it and hope I did it right. Good luck #17
  • I would like to see this with a different font, more rugged or distressed. Also, the text is a major part of the logo so it also has to be top notch. Can the text wrap around the circle? maybe #8
    • @ChrisC sure will send my output soon.. Thanks.

  • hello, ch.
    how do you think about this one?
    please check and i hope you give me feedback.

    thanks. #16