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Winning design #80 by Barokah99, Logo Design for The Southeast Leaf Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Barokah99

Project description

This is going a magazine that is the southeast premiere informative magazine.  This logo is going to be the social media face of my company, that being said, please make it count!

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  • Hello, here is my entry, hope you like it.regards #86
  • About #76, @Recycled very creative. i'm liking this, give me some more to see
  • come on man, I like your work, give me something more to look at..... you're close! #14
  • Please, give your score to my logo design and explain where its lack of, so I can submit a revision or a new design. Thank you. #71
  • the southeast premiere informative magazine #67
  • About #53, @kwik the Leaf is very important to have some detail to me, as realistic as possible to be used as embroidery and such
    • @nick_allard please check my update design

  • About #63, @kwik lol I can't sleep in anticipation of your next update. so this one is perfect to me. now show me some other ideas please
  • About #62, @kwik hey man, keep these ideas coming please!!!!! I have been awake for 2 days straight building my website. I need to sleep bad. I will review when I get up. PLEASE keep your ideas coming, i like them a lot
  • About #62, @kwik it's ok, but, is their anyway that you can make them actually look a little more like a vein of a leaf insteaf of a cut out of it?
  • again, just make the leaf more detailed. I love these besides the leaf. make that better please #56
    • About #61, @nick_allard do you like this leaf?

    • @kwik I like the style, but I want it really stand out somehow more, the leaf I mean.

  • About #61, @kwik put some white veins on that leaf if possible please
  • About #60, @kwik man I really really like you a LOT....everytime I open my app thing and when my mouth drops, it's because of you. keep the ideas coming. I'm going to need a G.D. on my team!
    • About #60, @nick_allard thanks, i will more explore my designs. i hope you happy with my designs

    • @kwik thanks

  • About #60, @kwik maybe not such cartoonish leaves. give them some detail please
  • how about this #49
  • simple design
  • simple design
  • simple design
  • simple design
  • simple design
  • Hi, this is the other option for you, thank you. #35