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Winning design #381 by maxx, Logo Design for The Sperry Law Firm, P.C. Contest
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designed by maxx

Project description

Want to create a new logo for our firm. The Sperry Law Firm, P.C. (A Professional Law Corporation) Modern vision with a serious & luxury tone.  I do not want any of the typical attorney images such as pillars, scales, pens, eagles, etc . I am open to stamp and Alphabet logos,  The logo could be stand alone. Please keep in mind that this logo will be used on office wall in the reception area, business cards, letterheads, and marketing items. we are looking for a brushed Silver Logo. Marketing items are all done in a Navy blue and brushed Silver but open to adding your suggestion. (The signage for the reception wall will brushed silver only) I have added a few images for examples but do like the flair of the 5th photo with some creativity.   


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  • After removing thE "p.c" Make THE and NAME slightly larger

  • Remove P.C. on line 2 as as line 3 is "P.C." Professional Corporation
  • Remove the P.C. From line 2 #364
  • Take the P.C. off of line 2 please.
  • Can you see Maxx 295 Logo?
    • About #156, @jill1
      yes sir.. i can..

  • Do you have the ability to see Gaka 156 design on this site? We like your logo with their Font for "The Sperry Law Firm" and writing but your Professional Law Corporation Written out and underlined #295
    • About #295, @jill1 Sure, I will try to make changes before contest ends. Thanks for the feedback.

  • @jill1 #361
  • Can you list out a Professional law Corporation in place of P.C. #156
    • About #156, @jill1
      Sure sir.. i will update ASAP. please waiting..

    • About #156, @jill1
      Sure sir.. i will update ASAP. please waiting..

  • The Sperry Law Firm, P.C. #339
  • The Sperry Law Firm, P.C. #338
  • SLF #326
  • SLF #325
  • Dear CH, how about this? #324
  • your feedback is important #321
  • your feedback is important #318
  • Can you show me this in silver/shades of silver? #236
  • Please show me this logo with the "S" on top of the "L" & "F" #202
  • Please show me this is just the silver