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Winning design #52 by Alvin15, Logo Design for the Vansal Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Alvin15

Project description

The Vansal is going to be a boutique hotel (with 17 rooms, library, bar, terrace) situated in an old city mansion in Bucharest. The building originates from the late 1800s and has a quasi-gothic architecture. The ultimate goal is to provide an experience for the customer that is different to that of the generic hotel chains. Service will be of utmost importance, and the uniforms of the personnel will be formal and elegant. The bottom floor will consist of a bar and terrace in the back which will have a Jazzy atmosphere with live performances 2-3 times a week. We would like to avoid any relation to “kitsch”, and to differentiate between “classy” and “fancy”, the hotel and experience should be classy rather than fancy.

Key words:

  • classy (not over the top)

  • Old school cool

  • Elegant

  • Jazzy

  • Charming

  • Cultural

  • Family business - local sourcing (food, coffee, etc)

  • Sustainable

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  • @theVansal Hello. Please check my logo versions #123, #124 and #125 Thank you.
  • @theVansal Hello. Please check my logo versions #120 , #121 and #122 Thank you.
  • About #98, @Babbss07


    I created another version of my design. I'll you'll like it.

  • This one also evokes a sense of luxury, and lyrical jazz. #88
  • Luxurious. Elegant. Modern. Has a feel of sophisticated jazz without being kitsch. #87
  • Here is another large pixel for #82, maybe cause resentment for you, as a designer I do not want you think I am amateur designer that re-upload same logo at the same time without explanation clear enough, that is the reason I give you more completely explanation. Hopefully you could understood with my porposed this.

    Thank you
    Best Regards
  • Dear theVansal

    if you want the big pixel here is the one. the file of that I attached (#81, and#82) before only as a display for your web.

    Best Regards #83
  • Dear theVansal

    Here is the basic color of my logo design proposal at #81

    Thank you
    Best Regards #82
  • Dear the vansal,

    after I have looked your file attachment that support your company brief, I realized and considered your company has a purposed to move as extraordinary hotel not like as a hotel in ordinary. That described with three triangle with rounded arch shape I put as a symbol of solid company and has a stabilization also has power movement of classy without leaved elegance, hopefully you like it.

    Thank you

    Best Regards #81
  • the Vansal #80
  • the Vansal #79
  • the Vansal #78
  • the Vansal #77
  • your feedback is very important! #70
  • we really like this design, we don't think anything has to change! It would be interesting to see some variations in the cursive of 'the' #52
  • this logo I created based on the result of the inspiration of the crown that form the letter "V" on it in himpit with a crown that defines the power and authority in all fields as well as the letter double "s" and "s" are salaing deal, hopefully my design can consider, :)

    Please Give me feedback Sir #64
  • The uniqueness lies in the letter "V" in the middle of the circle with branches and a crown that can give special meaning as a place to look for a boutique :)

    Please Give Me Feedback Sir :) #61
  • I created this logo based on the letter "V" as defined above limb beautiful carvings that signifies comfort and make customers rely more simply believing that the VanSal is an interesting place to visit :)

    please give me positive feedback if this logo helpful and if there are things to be improved please tell me thanks :)