The Wheel Guy

I worked with designer DIANAGARGARITZA, and she was amazing in creating the logo for my company. She has tremendous vision and is prompt and attentive. I will be using her again in the future. DisgnContest made this an easy fun process. I was overwhelmed by the number of entries I received from around the world for my logo.

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Winning design #121 by DIANAGARGARITZA, Logo Design for The Wheel Guy Contest
Gold Medal


Project description

I am mobile alloy wheel repair specialist looking for a logo design for my company.  I'm looking for a strong and simple logo that will set me apart from the competition.  I don't have specific colors in mind so you have free reign in your design process. 

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  • Diana-

    Thank you so much for your hard work and patience during my contest. I really appreciate your efforts and making the changes I asked for! Congratulations. #121
  • I really like what you've done with the symbol on this one. Extending the "T" down further is a great change. #121
    • @thewheelguysd Thank you for your consideration... I will wait your decision for your contest. Bye Diana

    • @thewheelguysd Thank you for your consideration... I will wait your decision for your contest. Bye Diana

  • Thank you for your submission.

    Will you please add a subscript that reads "Mobile Rim Repair"

    I really like your design. Thanks for your time and effort. #105
    • About #105, @thewheelguysd Sure. Now you can see my new entry #109
      Thank you for your feedback.


    Thank you for your designs. I really like them all. The symbol in this one is probably my favorite, but I like the coloring in #87 a little better.

    Thank for your time and effort!
  • About #48, Thankyou for the feedback. Thankyou. :)
  • About #60, @Kebasen

    Thank you for this submission. I really like what you've done with the "WG" and I like the placement "The" in the "W".

    I'd love to see variation in the color and placement of "WG." Perhaps on the left and right of "the wheel guy."

    Thank you for your time and effort!
  • About #49, Feedback Please. Thanks. :)
    • @mahnoor809 a I like what you've done on #49 and #50 by making the wheel a prominent feature, however, the layout and font would need some changes. The word "THE" is much larger and separated from "WHEEL GUY." I'd like those 3 words grouped together. Thank you so much for all of your entries! I really appreciate your time and effort!

  • About #48, Feedback Please. Thanks. :)
    • @mahnoor809 I like #48, but not quite what I'm looking for.

  • About #46, Feedback Please. Thanks. :)
    • @mahnoor809 Hi, Thanks for your time and effort on each these designs. #46 reminds me too much of a train, not so much automotive wheels.

  • About #50, Feedback Please. Thanks. :)
  • About #45, @qinara
    Sure CH @thewheelguy.. i will update ASAP.
  • Hi, here is another variation of #14. #61
  • Hello, as requested, here is the figure I made earlier placed inside a wheel. #59
  • Hi check my entry #54
  • the wheel guy simple and clean logo #53
  • About #42, @qinara

    I like what you've done on this one. The symbol on this one looks more like a tire than a wheel or rim. If a symbol is used, I'd like a more rim like feel to it.

    Thanks for your submissions!!
  • Feedback please. Thanks :) #49
  • Hi,
    As per your design brief I have envisioned this logo.Moving wheel wearing a work cap i.e, a wheel guy I imagined.
    Any comment/suggestions are welcome to improve this design.

    Thanks for your time,
    eshtiyak. #40
    • Hi @eshtiyak, Thank you very much for your submission. I appreciate your vision and especially like the font and coloring of "The Wheel Guy." As or the wheel logo, it may be a too cartoonish. I'm looking for something that shows that I'm the guy to work on everything from a Honda Civic to a Bugatti. If you have any other ideas, I'd love to see them. Thanks again!!