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Winning design #132 by basso82, Logo Design for THE WILD BAR  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by basso82

Project description


My 2 partners and I are planning to open an organic cold-pressed juice and superfood latte bar in August 2017.

The Wild Bar is an environmentally friendly company, trying to bring in the essential nutrients into the lives of an urban population that taste good as well. We are dedicated to supporting physical and mental health through serving convenient and wholesome food, drinks and good vibes.


What we would like to see in Logo:

- Theme 1: tree told, brown-throated sloth; specifically, Alpha males have a unique pattern (yellow, orange, black) on their backs.

- Theme 2: Mouth with juice smudge (be creative with it; we have attached a very primitive drawing for you to look at).

                     The juice smudge doesn't have to be green, but I want it to be looked something healthy

- The logo should incorporate the meaning of the world, 'WILD'- natural, untamed, free, and energetic.

- The logo should go well with the interior (coconut brown/ beige/ black) - examples are attached for you to look at. 

- The logo doesn't have to be super simple- show me your vision!!!


We are targeting trendy, artsy people, aged between 25 and 35.

The logo will be used on a wine bottle, disposable cup, cup sleeve, name card, clothing, paper bag, and company website.


Use of color:

preferred:  green, white, black, and yellow or your favorite color.

Not preferred: red, blue, brown, gray, and purple.


Logo type:

Symbol or emblem  -

The shape can be circular or in rectangular form.

you can choose to start with a new design or improve upon the design that I have attached.

If you do decide to use the design attached then feel free to focus on the face part or the orange fur part or both.

P.s  When you create a logo, please keep in mind that it has to go well with the interior (I have attached it as well). 

Thank you !!




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  • and design at #168 #168
  • Probably can't tell but tweeked a few tiny things from previous entry #166
  • Hi CH.. reupolad design for 148 already upload please check #164 and #165
  • About #148, @rendesign
    Hi there,
    I don't know why but I am having a hard time viewing this logo. If possible, could you re-upload the file please?
    Thanks!! :)
    • @changhanpark yes... i will reupload this design.. wait

  • I'm happy to make any edits to make it perfect for you.I was thinking I could add some trees in the background maybe some claws at the side as if he was trying to escape. #163
  • Here are some mockups of my logo design, open for any edits, thank you! #162
  • Open for any edits. I left placeholder text for a possible location/est. This could also be removed if you just wish to have the wild bar. Thank you! #161
  • Boldness and clear words matter in logo and our representation. #154
  • Boldness and clear words matter in logo and our representation. #151
  • Boldness and clear words matter in logo and our representation. #152
  • Boldness and clear words matter in logo and our representation. #153
  • Boldness and clear words matter in logo and our representation. #156
  • Boldness and clear words matter in logo and our representation. #155
  • Simplified and expressive... speaks your purpose and at the same time wild itself. #151
    • All the mockups are with old logo, but it can be worked with new logo.

  • All designs can be converted to any media and is ready to be produced on any type of media. This site is currently facing some technical issues, so may be I won't be able to post post new updates. Will try to send few now. #151
  • Hope you like it. Good luck #141
  • Here's a mockup of my design. hope you like it. Good luck #139
  • Hope you like it. Good luck #138
  • About #86, @smarties522
    Hi there,
    Could you show me 2 variations; one with all black, and the other with all white? Thanks!! :)
  • About #136, @GreenBrains
    This is good!
    I want to see more variations, if you have enough time! This reminds me of bat so, I guess it would be better to change the face sloth look alike. Thanks!
    • @changhanpark Thanks for your feedback, will work and post the updates. As I said earlier in the message board, there seems to be technical problem which is restricting to post new logos / images in the contest and the issue is still not resolved, lets hope that will be resolved before closing the contest. Regards