The Winged Lion

I'm happy with the design that I chose but was disappointed in the number and variety of entries. Some showed no evidence that the designer had read the brief at all.

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Winning design #21 by afm, Logo Design for The Winged Lion Contest
Gold Medal

designed by afm

Project description

The Winged Lion is a private tavern catering to professionals age 30 and over. We are looking for a logo that is traditional and borders on posh. The Winged Lion name is drawn from the owner's love of all things Venice.

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  • Hi, I would like a design that communicated that the establishment is a tavern - not necessarily through copy. This design is very pretty and I like the lion behind the wings, but it doesn't let a person know what the lion is (an old fashioned pub or tavern). It's a little wide for my use too. Thank you for sharing, I hope this feedback is of help.
    • Thank you for your feedback CH.I'll try another one...can i use these words in the logo "AN OLD FASHIONED PUB".........

    • Sure.

  • As the design exists now, signage would have to be flag shaped with a lot of empty space. Can you rethink as a pub sign?
  • Negi, if my audience were younger I would not have eliminated your design. You had a definite young, high energy look while I'm targeting an older, more sedate crowd.
  • hi, CH. do you want a front view or a side view of the winged lion illustration?
    • No preference at this time. I can picture either in my mind.

  • Regards CH I am interested in your company / logo. Just one question, whether you should logo that has some elements of Venice? Regards, krisdesign I have a vision, I'm working on it.
    • Not necessarily. I mention Venice to steer artists toward the correct lion type. Some Venetian influence or element would be fine as long as the logo still communicated Tavern and not Italian restaurant.

  • CH, #4 you can see the lion in two sides front view and side view ....
  • Far too modern for the establishment.
  • Can you see a version of this design with color?
    • sorry someone used this pic in his logo so i made a wrong decision..... sorry ....

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  • your entry is not a vector design and is art not created 100% by you