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Winning design #66 by anggel, Logo Design for The Women's Rural Resource Centre Contest
Gold Medal

designed by anggel

Project description

Design Brief

About Us

Our Vision: A vibrant connected community where women and families thrive in healthy relationships.

Our Mission: Using a feminist, anti-oppressive analysis, we provide education, prevention and support services for women and families impacted by violence against women in Middlesex County.

The Women’s Rural Resource Centre in Strathroy, Ontario, Canada has been serving women in the rural community for over 25 years. Our agency started as an emergency crisis shelter for women and their children dealing with domestic violence. Over time, we have evolved and now offer many different services. We recognize that every woman has her own agency, and the ability to make the best decisions for her family. We are there to help support, advocate and walk with her as she makes those decisions.

We still offer our emergency shelter, a 24-hour crisis line, advocacy, safety planning, and community counselling services for women and their families. More recently, we’ve expanded our programing to include vulnerable youth, especially in the LGBTQ+ sector, and programs specifically targeted at empowering young women. We’ve also developed a pilot program designed to build relationships between women we serve and women in the community. In our experience, relationships need to grow and thrive if we want to foster independence.

WRRC is looking towards the future. We are embarking on an expansion project that will better integrate us with our rural community. The new space we envision is centered on shared interests, rather than issues that divide us. For our community, that interest is food. Our new building will include a commercial kitchen, available for rent and for more community programming, a greenhouse, and an outdoor growing space, all in a new downtown location. We also plan on having affordable housing above the main floor, along with some new administrative offices.

Target Audience

Our audience is broad, and varied. This logo needs to appeal not only to women we serve looking for support through times of transition and crisis, but our entire community. We have a great reputation throughout Middlesex County as solid agency doing important work. With our expanding programing, the logo must reach youth, children and our donors, who range in age from 25-95.

Objective with New Design

Our current design is very dated. We consider ourselves a progressive, feminist agency, and our logo needs to reflect that. It’s important that the community sees we are up-to-date on the latest research and information within the Violence against Women sector. We also plan on heading in to a capital campaign in the next year for our expansion project, so the timing is right to debut a new look. As an agency, we want to project an image of strength, confidence, support and compassion to our entire county. We want the design to be modern, yet timeless, serious yet relatable. We are also not necessarily interested in an image as the logo. Our brand has become “WRRC”, so working with just the acronym, with potentially a small ad on symbol (?) would be ideal. We want the logo to represent our future and where we are heading as an agency, rather than the past or present. Forward thinking on the part of the designer is key.

Styles and Colours

The Colour for Violence against Women (VAW) is purple, so we would like to stick with that as our main colour. However, the light purple that we currently have isn’t ideal. The darker one is a bit better, but we are open to suggestion. For us, modernization of our logo is key, so we will definitely listen to any creative colour palette ideas. In terms of style – we deal with extremely serious and complex issues, both on specific personal levels, and in big philosophical levels. However, while we don’t want to down play the seriousness of said issues, we want to be approachable for the entire community. One of the main parts of our new expansion is to make the community feel comfortable coming through our open doors. Our logo should express the same thing.

Design Requests

As we already mentioned, our logo needs to carry us into the next 25 years. It needs to be modern, approachable, but still taken seriously. It also needs to appeal to a large audience base, including a diverse set of donors (as we will be heading into a capital campaign in the near future).

The classic logo design for a VAW organization has something to do with flowers. We do not want flowers in our design. In fact, we would preferred a logo of mostly text (WRRC).

It needs to be a flat design, no shadows or 3D effects.

This logo will be printed on paper, made into signage, go up on our website as well as our social media pages.

Please include the vector ai/eps files with jpg, and png files in the winning design.


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  • We still really like this design Anggel - and the font here is great. Wondering if we can stick with the same type, and just make it slightly bigger? It's really warm and approachable, also easy to read :) #66
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      the contest has closed how I should revise designs ?? ...

  • Hi - We are looking for something more circular. This design has too many sharp edges for us. #188
    • About #188, @CaraCampbell
      Thank you very much for the advice.

      Best Regards

    • @CaraCampbell the contest has closed how I should revise designs ?? ...

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