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Winning design #109 by Hadeelsa, Logo Design for the yogurt factory Contest
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designed by Hadeelsa

Project description

design logo to be used on cups, shirts, and signs for The Yogurt Factory

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  • Dear CH, In #4 you can find two different approaches. Any comment about changes appreciated. Thanks. Regards.
  • About #2 #3 I hope you like the logo designs, I'd appreciate some feedback, thank you!
  • the store is called "The Yogurt Factory"
  • Dear sgraham316, Did yore name is tcby? Thank you
  • Dear sgraham316, What is the name of the factory? Thank you
  • Dear CH, Please, Please, blind the contest, I've seen gears in two designs after I submit my first one.
  • Hi Scott~ Thanks for the feedback on my entry #6 - I'm glad you like it! :) I did an additional version to see if you like that features a cog/gear as the yogurt as a play on the 'factory' concept: #21 Thanks so much, PaintedPony
  • Dear CH #20 submission shows a product full of life and freshness, The hand points to the manufacturer who provides that qualities. I hope it really suits you, and of course, any feedback about colors, fonts, etc. is appreciated. Regards.
  • Hi sgraham316, Please find my entry #19 . Any feedback greatly appreciated. As you can see from my design I have used fresh pastel colours, however colours and fonts can be changed without hesitation. Regards SJK
  • Please blind the contest. This will help. Thank you
  • I really like this design, the best so far, unless a totally new idea surfaces this looks good, Thanks Scott
  • Hello sgraham316~ I created a logo for your consideration #5 and #6 that features a yogurt swirl as the 'o'. The yogurt with cone could also be used as a separate icon throughout your marketing. (My apologies, I inadvertently left out the 'the'). Best regards, PaintedPony
  • dear CH,#37 is simple. but you can see the yogurt and the factory in one logo..thanks..
  • Dear CH, #31 is classy, but also a great logo that will make people want to eat at "The Yogurt Factory". You can also use the yogurt bowl as an icon to your business. If you need any changes or revisions please let me know and I will fix those for you. :)
  • Hello! I hope you like my design. #36 I did my best to keep it classic but mixing with a playful font. If there is something you would like different let me know. Thanks :) Best, mfarry
  • hi! #30 is clean, modern, simple ... chocolate brown/not-too-feminine pink ... with chocolate yogurt swirl on top ... getting away from the cog/gear emphasis on factory. do you have color/font preferences? thanks!
  • about #44 Hello Mr. S Graham :) Here is a professional logo for your company, it is fresh, fun and classic yogurt design, the multi coloring of the word yogurt with transparency relate to yogurt to all ages and add an eye catching element to the design, with a cream top on the word. The design looks great big or very small. Please let me know what you think and if you need anything done on the design.
  • #83 Here is the cog on the design #44, what do you think?
  • #82 Hello sir :) here is a variation on the design #52 adding a cog instead of the letter O in yogurt. Any comments or feedback?
  • #44 Am glad you like this design sir, did you see the ine with variations on it also? It is #52,here the outline is brown and the colorful yogurt is solid colors not transparent, take a look at both and see which works better for you :) Thasnks sir.